Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

Minimizing interruptions through enhanced security

When business continuity is essential

For utility and critical infrastructure providers, ensuring the continued operation of your business while meeting rigorous safety and security requirements is imperative. Gallagher provides the security solutions you need to avoid costly interruptions caused by security breaches, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • Keep people safe
  • Protect assets and data
  • Ensure compliance
  • Business efficiency

Ensure your duty of care is met by keeping the public, staff, and contractors safe.

  • Gallagher Command Centre helps you respond swiftly and accurately during emergency situations such as fire, natural disaster, or terrorism. Rapid evacuation or lockdown can be quickly enabled.
  • Tag Boards and Mobile Evacuation features pinpoint staff and visitor locations.
  • Ensure people only have access to areas they are qualified to be in.
  • Protect staff with a robust perimeter security system by keeping thieves and vandals off site.

Ensure operational continuity and avoid significant costs associated with outages/loss of supply by protecting your site’s assets from theft and damage.

  • Control access to restricted areas with valuable assets such as telecommunication towers, electricity transmission equipment, water/wastewater systems, and fuel facilities.
  • Supervise access to restricted areas with intelligent alarm monitoring and advanced site map functionality.
  • Deter, detect, and respond to unauthorized entry on site with our perimeter detection solutions.
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks through Gallagher’s end-to-end encryption and user authentication.

Gallagher’s Command Centre effectively ensures cardholders are meeting a wide range of organizational policies and government regulations such as first aid certifications, electrical licenses, or insurance documents.

  • Monitor inductions, licenses, training, and qualifications to only allow people access to areas they are sufficiently qualified to be in. Integrations with HR and SMS data systems help to make this a seamless process.
  • Real-time audit trails provide prompt and reliable decision-making information.
  • Use random cardholder selection to check competencies and licensing as well as drug and alcohol testing.

Gallagher’s integrated security solutions allow you to manage site security, control building management systems, and increase system efficiency, reducing operational and training costs, energy use, and utility costs.

  • Remote monitoring of multiple sites from a single platform allows you to be in full control of your security solution – both perimeter and access control.
  • Control downtime and avoid significant costs associated with business interruptions from security breaches, theft, and vandalism.
  • Command Centre is a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows for future expansions and upgrades on site.

Utilities and critical infrastructure features

Ensure your site meets the strictest of security standards

Manage access based on individual competencies

Perimeter security
Deter, detect, and respond to unauthorized entry on site

Tag boards
Improve emergency response with real-time personnel tracking

Access control
Ensure the right people have access to the right areas

Minimize outside threats through robust cybersecurity

Triggers and alerts
Prepare for emergencies and stay on top of events

Seamless integrations
Integrate with systems such as HR and SMS data

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“The Gallagher system offers a huge range of safety features. The most critical one for us is how quickly it allows us to respond to an evacuation. Having a quick and easy process makes all the difference.”

Lee Paterson, Technician Lead, Contact Energy

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