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No one sets a higher standard

The world’s highest-risk sites trust Gallagher

Delivering an unparalleled sense of security that goes beyond the ordinary and understanding the rapidly evolving high security industry are at the heart of Gallagher’s operations. Our unwavering commitment to high security solutions that are scalable, flexible, and give you complete control of the most sensitive security installations has been redefining what’s possible for over 20 years.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, and business policy – all while delivering exceptional high security capability. Our personalized approach means you’ll receive powerful solutions that provide real operational benefits, tailored to your specific needs.

We maintain a certification system for select installers to ensure our products are deployed correctly, and we work closely with them to ensure that they deliver you the solution that you need.

Securing the world’s critical locations

Our solutions are used extensively in securing strategically important sites around the world. Regardless of location, whether it’s an embassy or civil infrastructure, we know what it takes to protect critical sites. Although standards vary by region, legislation, and the degree of protection required, they are all met by our dedication to providing security that is intrinsic: always present, always working.

New Zealand

Trusted encrypted alarms solutions designed with compliance and cyber security top of mind.


Delivering you a system that is fully endorsed to protect your premises from Zone 1 to Zone 5.

United Kingdom

Leading the way in delivering high security solutions for governments in the Five Eyes alliance.

The Americas

FIPS 201-3 Approved. 13.02 topology. ISO 27001 Accredited. Gallagher makes it simple.

High security features

Video management
Easily monitor your building without the need to move between multiple systems

Automate and schedule reports to distribute information to those who need it

Implement contactless access control for an advanced layer of extra security

Emergency management
Rapidly respond with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdowns and alerts

Easily produce decision-making information to prove compliances with regulations and requirements

Visitor management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Perimeter solutions
Keep your people, premises, and assets safe with powerful perimeter solutions

Alarm management
Protect against attacks and receive alerts when sensors are triggered with High Sec ELMs

High security hardware

The products and software that make up the Gallagher high security solution are designed from inception to be as secure as possible. The combination of innovation, experience, and cutting-edge security technology allows Gallagher to provide you with a fully authenticated and encrypted system, which is why we believe no one sets a higher standard.


The Gallagher High Security Reader Range improves upon our standard reader range and provides contactless card and mobile credential readers for access control management and covers our T10, T11, T15, T20, T21, and T21 Readers. 


The Gallagher High Security Controller 6000 delivers real-time decision making, ensuring your site operates safely and efficiently while providing centralized management, enforcement, and oversight of security measures.


We also have a range of High Security accessories to support your complete high assurance solution. This range covers a series of Cabinets, End of Line Modules (ELM), and a High Security Command Centre Licence.

No one sets a higher standard: What it takes to be a high security manufacturer

In a world where cyber threats, data breaches, and industrial espionage loom large as omnipresent dangers, high security manufacturers providing physical access control systems have become key players in a nation’s ability to protect itself and its citizens.

And although government bodies around the world set performance standards for the manufacturers they collaborate with to protect against such threats, there’s a whole lot more that goes into producing high security solutions than just ticking boxes for compliance.

Beyond adherence to standards, high security manufacturers must embody a culture where security is a continuous thread woven into every aspect of operations, and the ones who can achieve that while maintaining flexibility and responsiveness make the best security partners for governments around the world.

Discover what it takes to be a high security manufacturer, download the full whitepaper.

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