We believe security solutions are essential business systems, uniquely positioned to deliver value that goes beyond traditional security thinking.

What is an integrated security system? 

There is significant value in linking several business and security systems together to exchange data or share key parts of data from a single source of truth. Connecting these systems, called integrating, can save time and ensure data integrity across your enterprise, while enhancing the user experience. 


Integrations with Command Centre 

Gallagher Security’s Command Centre is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform which manages your total site security. See all of our integrated products for your region. 

“Integration is key to ensuring we add multiple levels of security in areas such as delivery and dispatch, milk collection and more. This ensures the site runs smoothly, minimizing health and safety risks to employees and contractors, and maintaining quality and product safety standards.”

Grant Webb, Project Engineer, Tatua

Video management systems 

A wide range of best-in-class video systems can be integrated with Command Centre, allowing operators to be equipped with a single system in the control room, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.  

Wireless access control 

Gallagher delivers wireless access control options by integrating Command Centre with a number of major wireless access solutions. This option is ideal for sites that require some level of security and where a fully wired and monitored door isn’t possible or economical.


Integrating access control with elevator systems is essential for providing building users with a seamless experience. Gallagher supports all major destination dispatching elevator systems. Our elevator interface enables cardholders to utilize a single credential throughout the building. 


Intercoms provide a robust and reliable means of communication for all types of general security and emergency situations. By integrating these with Command Centre, operators are given one platform to manage and respond to intercom calls. 

Biometric access control

Gallagher’s biometric access control integration offers a secure, cardless way to ensure people are identified correctly. With traditional finger touch or hygienic contactless access options, your fingerprints or face biometrics are your credential. Biometric enrolment and template management is conducted directly through Gallagher Command Centre saving time, increase security, and improve efficiency. 


Sensors might detect substances in the atmosphere as well as light, pressure, temperature, humidity, and sound. Integrating with third-party sensors can allow events and alarms to be displayed, monitored, and reported on all within Command Centre.


Command Centre proactively manages employee competencies and enforces operation policy. A single source of truth for compliance data is created through integration with your HR system. Health and safety integrations allow easy management of staff fatigue and exposure and provide unbiased drug and alcohol testing.

Time and attendance

Save time and money and protect data by integrating disparate HR and payroll systems with Command Centre for simple personnel management, such as time and attendance. 

Card encoding printers

Command Centre can be integrated with a wide range of card printers. This will enable you to print card images and encode card data to carry out everyday access control management tasks on-site. 

Key management

Where physical keys are required, they need to be kept safe and secure. By integrating key cabinets with Command Centre, you can ensure that people who require keys have access to them and that a full record of access is available for reporting.

Resource management

Streamline building and resource management, reduce energy consumption, and identify critical faults early while saving time and money by integrating your building management systems with Command Centre. Integration with resource booking systems identifies when a room is not in use and grants the ability to turn off lights, air conditioning, and heating and lock doors. Parking management integrations reduces time spent on parking administration. 

Identity and access management

Integration with systems such as Microsoft® Active Directory (AD) and Okta Sync seamlessly links physical access permissions to existing logical access permissions, eliminating duplication of data entry, minimizing data errors, and allowing your operators to swiftly disable both logical and physical access permissions with the click of a button.

Vehicle access control

Gallagher’s Command Centre integrates with Nedap Transit, UPASS and ANPR automatic vehicle identification (AVI), allowing for the controlled movement of vehicles and people, all at a distance. Enabling a wide range of deployment options including RFID long range vehicle access as well as medium range UHF vehicle and people access and identification by capturing a vehicle’s license plate for access.

People and asset tracking

Integrating third-party people and asset tracking solutions with Command Centre can help to enhance safety and security in your business, ensuring your people and property are easily located and protected – all through Command Centre.

Visitor management

Integrations with third-party solutions enable you to bring information from various visitor management systems into Command Centre’s visitor management system, creating a single, central operating platform which manages total site security.

Incident management

Manage incidents with third-party integrations to help you identify, track, and resolve security incidents promptly, minimizing their impact on your organization. 

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