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Partners beyond security

Through our Technology Partner Program, we work with industry-leading providers to create unified security solutions for our customers.

By seamlessly and securely integrating our powerful Command Centre solution with a wide variety of Technology Partner systems and hardware, together we create a single, powerful operating platform that helps our customers easily manage their total site security.

Our Technology Partner community

As a Technology Partner, we'll provide you with all the tools and support you need to create your integration, including the following benefits:

Access to the Gallagher Security Technology Partner Portal – including our proprietary technology resources.

Command Centre software and demo license.

Responsive and expert technical support.

Early access to beta releases and product updates.

Stay up-to-date with Technology Partner newsletters.

An opportunity for endorsement on our website.

Interface tools to connect to Command Centre

There are various ways for your solution to create an integration for Command Centre including a number of SFKs and REST APIs, plus more to be added over time.

Our Integrations

Gallagher Security integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform which manages your total site security.

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Our Technology Partner application process

An overview of Gallagher’s 6 step process to become an Endorsed Technology Partner.

  • Complete the Technology Partner Agreement.
  • Tell us about the customer problem you are solving and value it delivers to end users. 
  • Review our API Information and list which ones you may use. 
  • Explore our self-service portal, starting with our Getting Started section. 
  • Understand our product via the Command Centre Orientation section. 
  • Set up a Command Centre environment using our step-by-step guide. 
  • Start developing your integration!
  • Explore our APIs and SDKs through our provided documentation. 
  • Talk to us via the Support Contacts section for any type of assistance at any stage. 
  • Review the Integration Licensing Guideline and create a table with API endpoints used. 
  • We create a token and supply it to you along with a demo license. 
  • Implement the token and test your integration to make sure it works. 
  • Inform us when you have finished developing your integration. 
  • Schedule a demo with us to review the completed solution. 
  • Supply us with necessary content about your integration. 
  • Once reviewed, we publish your integration's product page on our website. 
  • Congratulations! You are now a Gallagher Endorsed Technology Partner. 

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