People's Choice Credit Union Case Study

People's Choice Credit Union | Gallagher Security | Case Study

The challenge

People’s Choice Credit Union is one of Australia’s largest Credit Unions, with 365,000 members and 44 locations across South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, and Australian Capital Territory. People’s Choice Credit Union’s head office in Adelaide is located over five floors of an office tower and has 650 employees. With a focus on improving efficiency and collaboration, People’s Choice has successfully created a modern working environment that utilises flexible work spaces, Follow-Me Printing, visitor management kiosks, and mobile solutions.

The Gallagher solution

Operating an innovative, modern working environment that utilises flexible work spaces in place of traditional desks, People’s Choice staff are not allocated a specific desk but instead choose where they wish to sit each day. To facilitate the operation of a flexible work environment and provide employees with storage for their personal effects, People’s Choice uses banks of lockers that are managed by electronic access control. Using Gallagher’s smartcard, multi-technology T20 and T10 readers on each locker bank, staff badge their access card to open their allocated locker. With the readers communicating with Gallagher’s Command Centre software management platform, People’s Choice has a simple to operate, customisable system that enables staff to carry just one card on site.

With people working in different areas at different times, People’s Choice needed a printing solution that simply and easily enabled staff to retrieve printed documents from the nearest printer. People’s Choice was also looking for a solution that helped to cut down on unnecessary waste. To meet both of these needs, People’s Choice installed Follow-Me Printing. This printing solution stores print jobs electronically until a user badges their Gallagher access card at a printer to retrieve their files. At this point, the user can terminate any print jobs they no longer need, cutting down on waste. The solution further reduces waste through a configuration that deletes any printing jobs that haven’t been actioned within a 24-hour period.

Through a Gallagher Bacnet integration, People’s Choice has implemented an automated, continuous temperature management solution for the large data centre located at their head office. With temperature sensors communicating directly with Command Centre, any change in temperature beyond the set limits, triggers an alarm notification to be sent directly to a nominated staff member’s phone.

To support efficiency at head office, People’s Choice chose Gallagher’s Visitor Management Client and Self-Registration Kiosk. The self-registration kiosk serves as an ideal “extra lane” during particularly busy periods, ensuring that visitors are able to register their arrival quickly and effortlessly without delay. The integration between Gallagher’s visitor management solution and Command Centre, ensures that a comprehensive audit trail is available.

The business value

The Gallagher Bacnet integration that monitors temperature in the data centre is a highly valuable solution for People’s Choice. According to Manager of Property Services, Mike Humphrey, “the capability for Gallagher’s platform to send critical information, like the potential overheating of a server room, straight to my phone was a big selling point for us. It provides a simple mobile solution to mitigate a considerable business risk.”

Utilising Gallagher’s innovative Command Centre Mobile App, key personnel are able to manage access remotely using their mobile phone. “Occasionally staff forget their access card and I’ll get a phone call to open their locker for them. Being able to access the platform and administer overrides using my phone, from wherever I am at the time, is huge for me” said Mike “and it speeds things up considerably for the employee”.

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