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A new age of cyber defense

Controller 7000

Welcome to a future where cyber defense isn't just a choice – it's a necessity.

As we enter a new age of cybersecurity, future-proofed innovation and fortified security is more important than ever. The horizon of threats continues to expand, requiring a proactive security solution that not only addresses today's challenges, but is primed to tackle the complexities of tomorrow's digital landscape.

Gallagher Security’s controllers are the cornerstone of our product range, and the Controller 7000 represents the beginning of a new era of Gallagher technology. Offering streamlined upgrades and advanced protection, this powerful and network-connected controller marks the launch of a platform designed to take you into the future and beyond. 

One controller, built for the future

Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Cybersecurity

The highest level of cyber protection 

In a rapidly evolving digital age, following basic cyber hygiene is no longer enough – you need a solution that is prepared for tomorrow’s cyber environment, today. With enhanced hardware and cybersecurity baked in from inception, the Controller 7000 is up for the challenge. 

Making upgrades easier than ever 

During development, we listened to your feedback to ensure upgrading your technology is easier than ever. The C7000 has been purposely designed with the same footprint, wiring, and ports as the Controller 6000, giving you the power to take advantage of the newest technologies without the barrier of a complex upgrade. 

A platform for the future 

The Controller 7000 marks the beginning of a new era and will pave the way for the future development of features and functionality for Gallagher. As a faster and more powerful device, the Controller 7000 has endless opportunities for growth, ensuring we continue delivering you value well into the future. 

C7000 Standard Controller

Key Features and Benefits

Seamlessly upgrade your way

With the same footprint as the C6000, upgrading to the newest technology is easier than ever and saves you time and money during installation

Comprehensive cardholder management

Supports 2,000,000 standard cardholders and storage of 1,000,000 offline events if connection to the server is lost

Power and speed like never before 

With a microprocessor that is ten times more powerful, the C7000 executes access decisions 25x faster and resyncs the cardholder database in half the time

Cybersecurity at the heart

Powerful iMX8 System-on chip and NXP Edgelock ensures a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and guarantees software authenticity on each device

Total site control 

Capable of managing all localized access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation, and logic needs for your organization

Built for the future 

The C7000 ushers in a new era, ensuring Gallagher’s future growth and roadmap of product development and offering limitless potential with continuous value delivery for you

Our awards

New Zealand OSPA Awards
Outstanding New Security Product 2024
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India & South Asia OSPA Awards
Outstanding New Security Product 2024
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C7000 Single Door

The C7000 SD offers a complete solution for adding an extra door and support for a distributed access control architecture.


HBUS Modules provide powerful input and output expansion options, extending the connectivity of the C7000.

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Controller 7000 Product Page

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Controller 7000 Customer FAQs

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