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Security solutions crafted for the evolving needs of universities

University life is 24/7. Your students, staff, and visitors are pushing boundaries and tackling new challenges around the clock. Gallagher’s university solutions are designed to keep up with their momentum and take security off their minds so they can focus on what matters most: the future.

  • Keep students and staff safe
  • Security that grows with you
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Protect assets
  • Optimize facility use

We know that the students, faculty, and staff who make up your university's community are your most valuable assets. Keeping them safe is your top priority, and Gallagher's responsive university solutions give your community the peace of mind they need to focus on maintaining the traditions of your institution.

  • Identify, locate and respond to critical events happening on campus in real-time with Gallagher's Broadcast Notifications Solution.
  • Notify students and staff of announcements and updates with the push of a button.
  • Use Gallagher's Visitor Management solution to grant campus visitors just the right amount of access for specific windows of time.
  • Prevent identity theft and make lost ID cards a thing of the past with the Mobile Connect App.
  • Search, book, and reschedule rooms and resources like lecture halls and laboratories with our Syllabus Plus integration.

We understand that universities are a forever changing landscape with new facilities often being added that create new security challenges. 
Gallagher’s security solutions are designed to grow with your institute to ensure your changing needs can always be met.

  • Easily add additional hardware to your system to quickly scale your security
  • Support for one access-controlled door, all the way to thousands
  • Integrate with an array of third-party software and control everything through one platform
  • Control multiple buildings and manage access across them through one platform

Protecting your data requires vigilance and constant monitoring, especially as cyber threats evolve along with security technology. Gallagher’s solutions are designed to mitigate these risks through a variety of defense tools that keep up with the changing technological landscape, so you don’t have to.

  • Minimize external threats through end-to-end encryption and user authentications.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities in your system using Gallagher's Security Health Check.
  • Keep your software operating at optimal levels with regularly scheduled updates and maintenance as part of our Software Maintenance plan.
  • Simplify data management and protect its integrity with integrated systems to store data securely.
  • Curate a multi-pronged defense system with protections baked into every stage of development.

Your campus is home to cutting-edge tools and resources that enable your students and faculty to unlock new potential, but can be harmful in the wrong hands. Gallagher's Command Centre manages student and employee credentials, allowing you to carefully control access to restricted areas like medical and research laboratories, equipment rooms, and sports facilities to always ensure safe use.

Managing a university with multiple buildings and campuses requires a strong allocation of resources and time management, putting a strain on your staff. But with Gallagher’s Command Centre, you can efficiently manage a distributed campus all from one centralized system, enabling you to attain facility goals that might otherwise seem impossible.

  • Reduce operational, training, and utility costs with integrated solutions that help you manage people and schedules.
  • Make your campus greener and achieve sustainability goals by controlling energy usage.
  • Automate room services and monitor elevators, accommodations, and parking from one central system.
  • Grant incoming students access credentials to relevant buildings before they set foot on campus with Gallagher's Mobile Connect App.
  • Ease the workload for administrative tasks with automated, customizable site plans and reporting tools.

University features

Access control
Ensure everyone on campus is everywhere they need to be and nowhere else

Monitor communal areas in real time or trigger recording with events and alarms

Tag tracking
Keep tabs on equipment and assets as they change hands and move around campus

Site management
Centralize site management for a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across campus

Visitor management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Emergency alerts
Share critical information with your entire campus or just a select few via text or email

Secure buildings, restrict access, and send alerts at the push of a button

Ensure compliances are met and recorded to maintain safety and accreditation

An award-winning security platform. Loved by customers.

Secure Campus Awards

Secure Campus 2023 Awards 
Gold awards for Broadcast Notifications and Lockdown solutions

Secure Campus 2022 Awards 
Gold award for Mobile Connect

Secure Campus 2020 Awards
Platinum award for Cyber Security

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“Command Centre allows Griffith to have peace of mind that we are delivering the highest level of security possible. We have the confidence that people have the right access to the right areas.”

Deb Behrens, Security Operations Supervisor for Griffiths University

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