Our Commitment

Guiding the Gallagher sustainability journey is a framework which outlines our overarching areas of commitment across three key themes.
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Our Certifications and Awards

Gallagher is proud to have embedded sustainability into so much of what our team do across the world. Underpinning all of this is a set of guiding statements and principles that set out our commitment and intention to continue to grow Gallagher in a truly sustainable way.
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Sustainable Workplaces

At the core of everything we do at Gallagher you will find ‘our people’. We take the care, well- being and welfare of our people seriously. We believe this commitment to our people is inextricably linked to our global success.
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Sustainable Communities

Gallagher are committed to supporting, enhancing, and positively impacting the communities in which all our staff, customers, and our suppliers live. For over 80 years now we have been committed to multiple long-standing programs of support and assistance.
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Energy Efficiency

As a large scale manufacturer and distributor of millions of electronic components and products each year, Gallagher has identified multiple opportunities to create significant efficiencies and savings in our energy use. Gallagher is proud to be standing up and taking the lead in rethinking how we can work smarter for a healthier and more sustainable world.
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Waste Reduction

Waste reduction initiatives are at the forefront of Gallagher’s commitment to sustainability and being a responsible corporate citizen. This is evidenced in all parts of our operation from production and manufacturing to design, administration, and sales. As our sustainability journey has accelerated in recent years the team at Gallagher has sought out, adopted, designed, and developed multiple ways and means to recycle, reduce and re-purpose waste. while constantly challenging ourselves to optimize the use of all resources fully.
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Responsible business growth

As a business, growing in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable way, involves implementing numerous supportive business practices to promote our long-term profitability. At our core we believe a company cannot have a positive impact on the environment or community, if it's not profitable.
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Solutions that 'make a difference'

Gallagher is committed to delivering to the world, solutions that give more than they take. Solutions that genuinely contribute to making a better present and future for our customers by ‘protecting what matters most’ for them in their unique environment.
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