Command Centre v8.90: The latest enhancements

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People are at the heart of our feature development. Every product enhancement is born from a customer's story about a business problem that needs a solution. Command Centre v8.90, the latest release of our award-winning security site management software, is a prime example of this people-first approach. It introduces several exciting new features and enhancements, including the IDEMIA VisionPass integration for secure contactless facial recognition access, Okta synchronization, Security Health Check enhancements, Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for the Controller 7000 Single Door, which is Gallagher’s newest controller offering, and more!

Discover all the latest features and enhancements in this exciting release below.

Completing the biometric suite: IDEMIA VisionPass Integration

Biometric access control enables secure, hassle-free entry via contactless facial recognition. When enrolled using facial recognition, cardholders become their own credential enabling contactless facial access through authorized doors.

For customers seeking contactless access control, Command Centre v8.90 introduces the IDEMIA VisionPass Integration offering robust and reliable facial recognition and completing our suite of biometric access options.

IDEMIA have been at the forefront of biometrics for over 40 years and have over 5 million biometric devices deployed worldwide. Their VisionPass terminal is one of the most robust and reliable facial recognition devices available in the market today. The powerful device offers near-motion 1-second verification from multiple angles and in all lighting conditions, even with medical masks. This biometric technology is also resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts and is the only device cleared with 100% accuracy at iBeta Presentation Attack Detection assessment. 

Accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, IDEMIA's facial recognition algorithm, 1:N, came top among 114 tested systems, reaffirming their history as a biometric industry leader.

Each IDEMIA VisionPass Reader supports up to 20,000 facial templates. An expansion license is available to increase the database size per IDEMIA VisionPass Reader to 40,000 facial templates. 

Command Centre’s suite of biometrics now offers facial, fingerprint, or wave identification, providing flexibility to customers using biometrics for access. 

Introduction of the Okta synchronization

The Command Centre v8.90 release addresses pain points faced by cardholder management. Among these is the labor-intensive task of creating and updating details such as name, access group membership, and mobile credentials. To address this challenge, Command Centre v8.90 now integrates with Okta, a secure cloud-based identity management solution.

Using REST API, Gallagher’s Okta synchronization reduces manual data entry by syncing Okta user details into Command Centre as cardholders. As a single directional integration, changes to cardholder details in Command Centre are not replicated back to Okta. Therefore, the identity management platform becomes the source of truth for cardholder information. 

Additionally, sites with the Okta synchronization enabled can control cardholder access in Command Centre from Okta group memberships, as well as update Personal Data Fields in Command Centre from Okta properties, dramatically reducing duplication of cardholder details.

The Okta synchronization also enables administrators to scale their onboarding and offboarding processes. Using Okta, administrators can easily create or de-authorize cards or mobile credentials in Command Centre as employees join and leave a company. 

With this integration, we have achieved seamless synchronization of cardholders with personal data protection, ensuring that our customers’ details remain secure.

OSDP for Controller 7000 Single Door

Command Centre v8.90 brings with it Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for Controller 7000 Single Door, Gallagher’s newest controller offering. 

OSDP is a modern communications standard that provides interoperability between security products and offers improved security features compared to legacy protocols like Wiegand. This combines the localized assurance of a door access decision with the ability to scale in numbers to support the largest enterprise systems. OSDP improves interoperability among security products and ensures sites can install third-party readers to their Gallagher access control system.

OSDP offers value and benefits by increasing flexibility, improving security, and reducing costs for access control installations.

Command Centre Web enhancements

First introduced in Command Centre v8.80, Command Centre Web is the latest evolution in our suite of Command Centre products.

Command Centre Web provides cloud-based flexibility to customers, allowing them to perform cardholder management tasks from any internet-connected device, without the need to use or maintain a full Command Centre workstation. Command Centre Web is ideal for customers looking to transition to a hybrid environment.

Since the initial release of Command Centre Web, we have added several features and enhancements. All enhancements are available to customers running Command Centre v8.80 and above. These include:

  • Cardholder Creation and Onboarding Wizard
    Operators can now create new cardholders using the Cardholder Onboarding Wizard, which easily guides users through the process of creating cardholders within Command Centre Web. When accessing Command Centre Web via desktop browsers, users are guided through the creation journey where they can choose to assign access, populate relevant Personal Data Fields, and issue credentials to the cardholder.

  • Copy Cardholder Access
    We now support the ability to copy access from one cardholder to another. For situations where a cardholder requires the same access as another, administrators can copy these over to the cardholder, rather than searching for them individually. This can be completed for either existing or new cardholders.

  • Layout updates
    We have implemented significant layout updates making Command Centre Web more user and mobile friendly. The modal window for assigning access has been removed better utilizing the screen space and allowing you to see more access groups on screen. Credentials can also be issued, modified, and removed, all from within the same page. There have also been enhancements to the mobile layout, making it more mobile friendly.

Security Health Check enhancements

Security Health Check is an industry-first tool that performs a fast, automated audit of potential security issues. Putting the power in the hands of businesses, Security Health Check provides sites with a deeper awareness and understanding of security vulnerabilities and how they can be mitigated without the time and cost of traditional manual audits.

Security Health Check is now more streamlined, making it easier than ever to stay informed about potential system vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and improve business efficiencies.

Enhancements to Security Health Check make report generation easier and faster. With a single click, you can download and access the application instantly, keeping you informed on your security system without any wait time.

Updates to the Bulk Configuration Tool

We continue to invest in our Bulk Configuration Tool which significantly reduces the manual effort required for site configuration making it as easy as possible to set-up a system. Command Centre v8.90 brings significant updates to the Bulk Configuration Tool including the ability to automatically create and modify over 170 item fields across 55 different item types.

Several other features have been added to Bulk Configuration such as, support for Unicode characters and new line support in note fields.

The Bulk Configuration Tool now also supports the import of Access Groups and now supersedes the previous Config Import Tool's capabilities.


Command Centre continues to be at the forefront of security innovation with this release. With these new people-first features and enhancements, Command Centre simplifies user experiences and improves business efficiencies.

Contact us today to learn more about Command Centre and how it can benefit your business.

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