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Certified Channel Partners

Gallagher work with a network of carefully selected and certified channel partners. These partners are responsible for the installation and maintenance of Gallagher products and solutions around the world. They’ve been certified by our training team and have full access to our in-market staff and technical support services - all to ensure you receive a consistent, high-quality experience with our products. We’re proud to work with our channel partners and together look forward to delivering solutions that add real value to your business.


Gallagher’s channel partners provide coverage in over 100 countries worldwide, ensuring that whenever you need it, help is available.


To ensure that you receive the best experience with Gallagher, we believe it is vital that those responsible for deploying our products are qualified to do so. Only our Certified Channel Partners undergo the periodic training and testing which allows them to utilize our products.

Examples of Gallagher certifications:


Hardware Installer
Access Technician
Access Engineer
Access Integrator
Network Perimeter for Access Technicians



Perimeter Fence Installer
Networked Perimeter for Fence Installers
Perimeter Fence Maintenance
Z20 Training Course


Available Online

Hardware Installer
Access Technician
Hardware Installer Recertification
Access Technician Recertification
Access Engineer Recertification



We believe that working closely with our channel partners is a key ingredient in delivering real value to your business. With Gallagher solutions, you will have access not only to the expertise of your Gallagher channel partner, but also the Gallagher team itself. Together we ensure you get access to the right advice, the best support, and the perfect solutions.

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