Access Control

Find out how your business can control risk, improve business efficiency, and increase profitability through our integrated access control solutions.

What is access control?

A good access control system helps your organization maintain a secure environment by allowing you to proactively control who can access your site and enabling you to monitor where, when, and why people are there at all times.

Benefits of access control

Keep you and your people safe and secure

Provides peace of mind

Ensures the smooth day-to-day running of your business

Helps you achieve compliance

Protects your valuable assets

Generates cost savings

How do access control systems work?

An access control system consists of two main components: hardware and software. Hardware includes the physical components such as access cards, controllers, and readers. Software enables you to assign credentials allowing people to have the correct access to specified areas.

When someone waves their access card or mobile credential over the reader, it sends a message to a controller, which then authenticates the credential to verify that the user is authorized to enter. If they are, the controller sends a signal to the door lock instructing it to open.

Access control with Gallagher Security

Gallagher’s industry leading security solutions are designed to meet the unique access control needs of sites varying in size and scale from one door to thousands. Whether it’s a small business, large enterprise organization, or sites with critically sensitive infrastructure, we have a solution that will keep your people and assets safe.


A fully mobile-based, cloud security solution with access control and intruder detection functionality for small businesses, franchises, or large chain organizations.

Command Centre

A highly-customizable, server-based access control, intruder detection, and building management solution for enterprise sites with complex security requirements.

High Security

A server-based access control, intruder detection, and building management solution for sites with the most critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

Why choose Gallagher

Our solutions offer a range of powerful access control functionality to help you minimize risk, improve business efficiencies and ensure organizational continuity:

✔  Monitor access points to know who is on your site at all times

✔  Assign users, or groups of users, access to specific areas within your site

✔  Generate reports for access activity on your site for auditing or time-keeping purposes

✔  Trigger emergency action plans, including lockdowns and sending of alerts

✔  Control outputs, such as lighting and air conditioning, after hours based on who is on site

✔  Integrate with existing HR systems to automatically pass through user information

✔  Integrate with third-party access control solutions for even greater flexibility, including wireless locks, wireless sensors, biometric readers and more



Gallagher Readers grant users access to your site. Our readers send access request information to a Gallagher controller to make rapid access decisions.


Gallagher Controllers are the interface between the security platform and hardware on a site. This is where all access control decisions are made near instantaneously in real time.

HBUS Modules and I/O Devices

Gallagher HBUS Modules provide additional input and output options for your system. This allows you to connect a wide variety of external devices for greater functionality.

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“Gallagher allows Griffith to have peace of mind that we are delivering the highest level of security possible. We have the confidence that people have the right access, to the right areas.”

Deb Behrens, Security Ops Supervisor, Griffiths University

“The ease with which we can deploy access credentials for any of our employees globally has provided a huge change – particularly when we return to travel between global offices using a single credential.”

Nick Baker, Ninety One

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