Command Centre

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Welcome to Command Centre, our centralized platform designed as more than just a security solution that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site. Whether it is increasing business efficiencies, meeting standards and compliances, or helping you to save time and money, Command Centre can unlock an endless number of capabilities.

Fully scalable and backed by a team of experts, Command Centre grows with you, from one door to thousands. With Command Centre’s intuitive interface, you have the power to monitor, manage, and personalize every aspect of your security system, from cardholders to alarms and beyond.

What sets Command Centre apart is our cutting-edge HBUS communications protocol. This innovative technology ensures accurate, secure, and fast communication, enabling seamless integration with our Technology Partners alongside our range of Gallagher hardware and solutions.

Discover the power of Command Centre and experience a comprehensive security solution that truly works for you.


Your security, your way

Combining our world-class Command Centre site management platform with the flexibility of cloud technology allows you to securely manage your site security from nearly anywhere. Our mobile solutions include Command Centre Mobile, the mobile app that allows you to maintain full awareness of your site when you’re away from your desk, and Command Centre Web, the latest web-based evolution in our suite of Command Centre products.

Security that works the way you do

Command Centre is the ultimate security solution, providing you with everything you need to manage your people, site, and buildings. With all your favorite tools designed to save you time and money, feel empowered to grow and manage your business without limits.

  • Site Plans
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Alarms
  • Cardholders

Get ready for an immersive experience that offers centralized visibility and situational awareness for all your site buildings and perimeter, whether they're right next to you or miles away.

Command Centre - Site Plans

Reduce administrative time and costs by easily and quickly producing a range of automated and scheduled reports, designed to prove compliance with regulations and standards or to review decision-making information.

Command Centre - Reporting

Enable email, text, or mobile notifications to be sent to cardholders (or their supervisors) across a variety of event types to ensure everyone is kept up to date and notified in the event of an emergency.

Command Centre - Broadcast Notifications

Monitor and acknowledge alarm activations anywhere on your site with ease, including access control events, perimeter breaches, and building management system alerts.

Command Centre - Alarm Viewer

Command Centre empowers you to confidently handle access permissions for any individual on site, regardless of their level of access.

Command Centre - Cardholder Management

Business solutions tailored for you

We’re dedicated to continually enhancing your Command Centre experience by providing richer value through exciting enhancements, features, and integrations. You won’t be waiting long for these upgrades either, because we roll out two major releases per year to ensure you’re at the forefront of innovation.

We believe in making things easy for you, which is why you’ll find our list of core Command Centre features below, available to you right out of the box. But our list of features doesn’t stop there, with a variety of additional licensable features available to you when you need them.

Core Features Licensable Features
Action on Access VMS integration
Guard Tours Rest API
Divisions Visitor Management
Advanced Reporting Elevator integration
Site Plans Key cabinet integration
Zone Counting Third party readers
Anti-Passback Locker management
Interlocking Car park management
Broadcast Notifications Tagboards
Base Licenses Intercom integrations
Base Credentials Sensor integrations
Proximity and Contract Tracing Report Additional licenses
Security Health Check Additional credentials

For a full list of what’s included with your Command Centre solution, click here.

An award-winning security platform. Loved by customers.

“The Gallagher system is such an essential part of Griffith University’s security. The flexibility to configure the system to our site and our specific needs, allows us to provide complete campus control from one central management system. We can deliver a seamless experience for our staff and students.”

Deb Behrens, Security Operations Supervisor, Griffith University

“Command Centre is simple enough for anyone to use and it is being used by different departments to control access to their own areas. Each department has a view that is tailored to their requirements, so only they can see and edit their specific functions. It also allows those department employees to authorize access for contractors as required, as well as monitor and act upon alarms directly.”

Grant Webb, Projects Engineer, Tatua Co-Operative Dairy Company

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