Committed to Energy Efficiency

As a large scale manufacturer and distributor of millions of electronic components and products each year, Gallagher has identified multiple opportunities to create significant efficiencies and savings in our energy use. Gallagher is proud to be standing up and taking the lead in rethinking how we can work smarter for a healthier and more sustainable world.


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LED Energy Efficient Lighting

A concerted move toward LED lighting in our offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities around the world has seen LED’s being rolled out in elevators, meeting rooms and general work areas as fast as we possibly can. A small, but easy change that makes a big difference!


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Sensor Lighting

Gallagher has embraced sensor lighting in as many low traffic volume locations as we can. Having lights on and active as and when they are needed and off when they are surplus to requirements.

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From Hydraulic to Electric Injection Moulding

Gallagher is pleased to have overseen the recent shift away from hydraulic moulding machines to the vastly more environmentally friendly and sustainable use of electric injecting molding options. Because the all-new digitally controlled electric options only use energy when directly in use they save an immense amount of energy, energy which is lost in the old hydraulic technology where systems are driven by hoses, valves and pipes.

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From Diesel to Electric Forklifts

Gallagher has actively embraced the move from diesel to electric forklifts, enjoying all the positive benefits that this delivers in terms of energy efficiency and pollution. That means less air and surface pollution in terms of the black fumes and diesel sediment that used to rise then settle around our manufacturing facilities. Electric has proven to be cleaner, greener and better all round for our Gallagher sites.

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