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Governments around the world trust Gallagher Security’s unique end-to-end security solution. Whether you operate at a local or central/federal government level, our industry-leading integrated security solutions provide you with complete site control from one central management platform – all while complying with the strictest security standards.

  • Keep people safe
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Protect assets
  • Ensure compliance
  • Efficiency and cost savings

Keep your people safe and deliver a seamless experience for your community.

  • Ensure people only have access to areas they are qualified to be in.
  • Control access using the Gallagher Visitor Management interface to create an open, yet secure, environment that keeps visitors on site safe.
  • Gallagher Command Centre helps you respond swiftly and accurately during emergency situations. Enterprise-level lockdown capabilities provide an immediate, scalable response to terrorism threats, along with an audit trail for review after the event.

We continuously evolve our security solutions to counter ever-changing cybersecurity threats, building in robust cybersecurity at every stage.

  • Minimize external threats through end-to-end encryption and user authentications.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities in your system using Gallagher's Security Health Check.
  • Keep your software operating at optimal levels with regularly scheduled updates and maintenance as part of our Software Maintenance plan.
  • Ensure a layered security approach to networks, data, and systems using Gallagher’s multi-factor authentication.
  • Receive expert configuration advice to deploy your system in a secure environment.

Ensure operational continuity and avoid significant costs by protecting your site’s assets from theft and damage.

  • Put physical barriers in place in front of sensitive information such as data centers.
  • Supervise access to restricted areas with intelligent alarm monitoring and advanced site map functionality.
  • Use zone counting to monitor the number of people in an area on site.
  • Deter, detect, and respond to unauthorized entry on site with our perimeter security solutions.

Gallagher’s trusted security solution will help you to achieve compliance and best practice at all levels.

  • Regular Software Maintenance updates ensure security systems remain compliant to Government standards. These include Type 1A (Australia), FIPS 201 (USA), NPSA standards (UK) and more. See our High Security solutions for more information.
  • Access to certain areas can be based on individual competencies (such as security clearance levels, site specific inductions, training, and qualifications) allowing you to effectively manage compliance with policies and government regulations.

Gallagher’s Command Centre allows you to efficiently manage multiple sites and buildings, each with different requirements, from one centralized system.

  • Eliminate duplication of administration tasks.
  • Reduce operational, training, and utility costs with integrated solutions that help you manage people and buildings.
  • Synchronize schedules and access control to efficiently manage room heating ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and lights.
  • Improved access control and physical security barriers on site means fewer guard patrols are needed.
  • Gallagher’s security solutions are scalable and highly flexible, allowing for future growth and standardized infrastructure across multiple government facilities and expansions/upgrades.

Government features

Ensure your site meets the strictest of security standards

Manage access based on individual competencies

Visitor Management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Minimize outside threats through robust cybersecurity

Triggers and alerts
Prepare for emergencies and stay on top of events

Implement contactless access control for hassle-free access

Video management
Easily monitor your site without the need to move between multiple systems

Perimeter security
Deter, detect, and respond to unauthorized entry on site

High Security Solutions for Government

Our solutions are used extensively in securing strategically important sites around the world. Regardless of location, whether it’s an embassy or civil infrastructure, we know what it takes to protect critical government sites.

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“It’s imperative we have a reliable system that provides us with a complete view of activity at all 150 sites around the clock.”

Chetan Prasad, Security Manager for Wellington City Council

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