Securing and simplifying education

From early childhood to higher education, there’s a Gallagher solution for every level

Creating a safe learning environment is essential for educators at every level of instruction. Gallagher’s integrated education solutions simplify the process with one central management platform, making it easier than ever to control and protect the sanctity of the student experience.

University and Higher Education

Manage the complexities of your campus with security solutions crafted for the evolving needs of higher education.


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School and Early Childhood

Focus less on security and more on teaching with a simplified yet powerful solution that protects the heart of what you do.


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Education features

Access Control
Ensure everyone on campus is where they need to be and nowhere else

Monitor communal areas in real time or trigger recording with events and alarms

Tag tracking
Keep tabs on equipment and assets as they change hands and move around campus

Site management
Centralize site management for a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across your buildings

Visitor management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Emergency alerts
Share critical information with your entire campus or just a select few via text or email

Secure buildings, restrict access, and send alerts at the push of a button

Carpark access
Ensure compliances are met and recorded to maintain safety and accreditation 

An award-winning security platform. Loved by customers. 

Secure Campus Awards

Secure Campus 2023 Awards 
Gold awards for Broadcast Notifications and Lockdown solutions

Secure Campus 2022 Awards 
Gold award for Mobile Connect

Secure Campus 2020 Awards
Platinum award for Cyber Security

“We worked with a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner who gave us two proposals: one was the Gallagher system, and I can’t even recall the other brand as Gallagher quickly became the preferred option because the technology was more advanced.”

Eric Meinsma, Board of Proprietor and Board of Trustees Member at Hastings Christian School

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“For our needs, Gallagher is the best product on the market. It’s reliable, easy to use, and gives us peace of mind that we are delivering the highest level of security possible.”

Andrew Ferguson, Deputy Proctor at the University of Otago

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