From one door to thousands

Our product vision is simple: to deliver a complete site management solution that flows from powerful software to robust and reliable hardware.

Our total access control solution provides the flexibility to be tailored specifically to your requirements now, and into the future.

Gallagher controllers are the cornerstone of our product range, providing the foundation for a full security solution. Acting as the central intelligence of our access control solution, our controllers efficiently manage system-wide communication, records all transactional data, and serves as the intermediary between multiple access control components and our additional integrated solutions. 

All our hardware is powered by Command Centre, our centralized platform designed to go above and beyond a security solution, and gives you unparalleled control of your site and business. One of the many qualities that sets Command Centre apart is our cutting-edge HBUS communications protocol. This innovative technology ensures accurate, secure, and fast communication, enabling seamless integration with our Technology Partners alongside our range of Gallagher hardware and solutions. 

Our Controllers

  • Controller 7000
  • Controller 7000 Single Door
  • Controller 6000
  • Controller 6000 Enhanced
  • Controller 6000 High Sec

A new age of cybersecurity

Future-proofed innovation and fortified security is more important than ever. The Controller 7000 Standard is our newest product hardware and offers streamlined upgrades, unparalleled cyber protection, and the launch of a platform that will guide us into the future.

Visit the Controller 7000 page.

Beautifully intelligent. Effortlessly secure.

The Controller 7000 Single Door is a powerful and robust network-connected controller, providing a complete and flexible solution for your business expansion. In addition to single door access control, the small but mighty C7000 SD can be utilized for system interfaces, alarm monitoring, perimeter security, and external device control.

Visit the Controller 7000SD page.

The Controller 6000 is a highly intelligent and powerful interface

It sits between Command Centre and the distributed field hardware, capable of processing, storing, and communicating in real time and is available in a Standard, 2 Door, and High Spec variant.

Visit the Controller 6000 product page. 

Offering all the benefits of the Controller 6000, enhanced

The Controller 6000 Enhanced retains all of the functionality of the standard C6000 while providing additional features such as dual ethernet ports, extreme temperature monitoring, and much more. 

Visit the Controller 6000 Enhanced product page. 

Fully compliant to the latest FIPS 201 standards

The Controller 6000 High Sec is used to protect some of the world’s most critical sites and is capable of performing contactless PIV smart card authentication checks. The High Sec Controller 6000 also meets and complies with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-2.

Visit the Controller 6000 High Sec product page. 

Key features and benefits

Complete site management
Manage and configure cardholders, alarms, doors, access zones, and reporting with one powerful device

Scale with confidence
With a highly scalable design, we have you covered from one door to thousands. Experience a solution that grows as you do

Powerful offline capabilities
Capable of processing, storing, and communicating data in real time, even when the server is offline

Trusted manufacturer
Our hardware is manufactured, assembled, and shipped from our world-class facilities in Hamilton, New Zealand

Flexible installation
Our wide range of cabinetry and powering options gives you the control to install your security solution, your way

Powerful integrations
Integrate seamlessly with a variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform which manages your total site security

Certifications and compliance
Confidently meet and comply with some of the world’s most powerful standards while ensuring compliance for your site’s needs

Unparalleled cyber defense
Strong authentication and encryption between the controller and Gallagher system ensure the highest level of cybersecurity

Complete your Gallagher solution 

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T-Series Readers

Complete your Gallagher solution with our T-Series Reader and Terminal range, covering our T10, T11, T12, T15, T20 and T30 readers.


HBUS Modules provide powerful input and output expansion options, extending the connectivity of your controller.


Cabinets provide a secure enclosure to house your suite of Gallagher products.

Mobile Solutions

Our range of mobile solutions is comprehensive and combines the power of Command Centre with the flexibility of mobile devices.

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