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Delivering smart, seamless experiences for multi-tenant buildings

Security solutions designed to surpass tenant expectations

From intelligent integrations to efficiencies gained through automation and smart use of resources, Gallagher’s multi-tenancy security solutions go beyond traditional building systems to deliver a modern experience for you and your tenants.

With shared office spaces, alternate working patterns, and more staff adopting flexible hours, our solutions are designed to exceed tenant expectations with frictionless experiences while saving you time and money. Keep your building secure while giving the right people access to the right places, creating a smooth journey for everyone involved.

At the core of our multi-tenant solution is our powerful software, Command Centre, offering you endless integration and access possibilities as well as the flexibility to tailor your security, your way.

  • Frictionless experiences
  • Mobile solutions
  • Automate building control
  • Reporting

Creating an efficient and safe user experience has become one of the top considerations for commercial buildings to attract tenants and visitors and add value beyond the spaces and services they provide.

For multi-tenant buildings, the opportunities that reside within Gallagher’s access control system are endless, from facial recognition technology to provide automated building and lift access to interfacing lighting and air conditioning services for better energy use and cost savings.

Additionally, integrating biometrics provides a contactless, more fluid experience for building users who are free to move about with a look or wave of the hand. This removes the hassle and security risk of lost ID cards.

A highly integrated, multi-tenant security solution should enhance how people go about their daily lives, while still providing the comfort of knowing they are as protected as possible.

Mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems are just some of the functionalities delivered by Gallagher’s award-winning mobile solutions.

Gallagher’s mobile credentials are easy to deploy, simple to operate, and provide administrative efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. Our Mobile Connect app transforms a building user’s mobile device into an access card, allowing them to move effortlessly around a site and access amenities easily. Gallagher’s Bluetooth T15 Readers communicate directly with users’ mobile phones, simplifying the experience for staff, members, and guests.

Automate control of Building Management Systems (BMS) via Gallagher’s Command Centre to create an environment that caters to the needs of building occupants while gaining a clear understanding of building operations, equipment, and efficiency opportunities.

Automating simple tasks such as turning off lighting and adjusting air handling settings when a security system is armed can save power and money, eliminate human error and reducing the administrative load of the team responsible for making these changes.

With endless possibilities, all of this can be achieved through your centrally managed facility.

Command Centre’s advanced reporting features allow you to identify where hardware is operating well and make informed decisions about where to focus your resources.

Reliable door, zone, and turnstile status reporting removes the need for manual inspections, while integration with video systems provides you with a visual and audible record of events which can be relied upon as evidence if required.

Command Centre’s flexible, powerful auditing and reporting capabilities help you easily and quickly generate reports to prove compliance with regulations and requirements while reducing administrative time and cost.

Multi-tenant building features

Elevator access
Restrict access to floors by credentials, zones, and schedules

Video management
Easily monitor your building without the need to move between multiple systems

People management
Integrate HR, identity management, and payroll systems for people management

Building management
Integrate a BMS to open opportunities for greater automation across your site

Locker management
Simplify locker access for tenants and reduce theft

Manage and respond to intercom calls all from one platform

Implement contactless access control for hassle free access

Carpark access
Streamline parking for tenants, contractors, and visitors

“The system is simple and easy to use, especially when new staff arrive - it doesn’t take too long to show them how it works. I like the fact it provides one interface for a number of different functions, saving me time which I can use to focus on providing an excellent client and visitor experience.”

Fran Shergold, Community Manager, LABS London

“Our reputation with our tenants is enhanced as they recognize that we’re taking all possible steps to ensure that their people and assets are protected. The Gallagher system is straightforward and easy to use - with its endless integration possibilities, I’m sure we will expand our solution in the future.”

Jacques Jordaan, Operations Manager, Pier Place

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