St Peters School

The challenge

With over 1,000 students, 450 students living on site, and approximately 350 staff, St Peter's School, Cambridge, is one of the largest boarding schools in New Zealand. Around the clock site security and facilities management is imperative to ensure safety and deliver optimum operational efficiency. Key security objectives include efficient management of buildings and facilities to reduce energy consumption and achieve cost savings; enhancing safety and security with assistance, critical incidents and full site lockdown functionality; and the introduction of a single, integrated student database for efficient administration and data management.

The Gallagher solution

Gallagher Command Centre is utilized to control all aspects of facilities management at St Peter's School. The Gallagher solution monitors and controls heating, lighting, air conditioning, PIR's, windows, read status and doors open/closed within all St Peter's rooms. Integration between the St Peter's student database – Synergetic – and Gallagher Command Centre allows St Peter's to create, update and remove individuals and their access groups within Synergetic and have this information automatically update in real time in the Gallagher access control system.

The business value

In buildings where only the Gallagher building management system is installed, St Peter's is achieving a 30% energy saving. Return on investment is seen within 6 to 24 months of a complete solution being installed, dependent upon the type of heating system and the staff within the building. The integration between Synergetic and Command Centre is also proving invaluable in terms of time efficiency, administration and reducing the margin for error. Command Centre has also enabled the school to implement a highly efficient, one-touch system to deliver enhanced site security for assistance, critical incidents, and full site lockdown.

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