Committed to our Communities

Gallagher are committed to supporting, enhancing, and positively impacting the communities in which all our staff, customers, and our suppliers live. For over 80 years now we have been committed to multiple long-standing programs of support and assistance.

Supporting Health

Macmillan Cancer Support – United Kingdom

The Gallagher team in the UK is proud to have initiated a national sponsorship relationship with this leading cancer charity. Macmillan Cancer Support delivers outstanding emotional, practical, physical, and financial support for people living with cancer at every stage of their cancer experience. The Gallagher team in the UK have embarked on multiple ways to support the charity in both financial and ‘hands-on’ ways including everything from running fund raising quiz events to supporting coffee mornings, hikes, golf days and much more.

ChildFund – Global

For more than a decade Gallagher has been a strong supporter and corporate sponsor of ChildFund, a global organization which aims to improve the circumstances of the world’s most deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and their communities. Gallagher is proud to have contributed to the basic needs of children on every continent around the globe, making sure they are educated, healthy, in healthy homes and communities, and their families have secure livelihoods.

Gallagher Family Hospice – New Zealand

The Gallagher Family Hospice is the essential provider of care and support for people with life limiting illness (along with their families and friends) in the greater Waikato region of New Zealand.  It services a population base of half a million and provides its support and care services completely free of charge. It also has a pediatric service, Rainbow Place, which supports children, young people and their families through serious illness. The team at Gallagher are proud to have the Hospice bear our name and even prouder of the work the wonderful Hospice team does in this space.

Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter – New Zealand

The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter was founded in 1987 and has undertaken more than 15,000 missions since its inception. Research suggests that if an injured person is transferred to hospital within an hour of an accident, their chance of survival increases from 30 to 60 percent. With so many New Zealanders enjoying the excitement and adventure of the countries rugged bush and coastal terrain, Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopters and air ambulance provide a critical service in the event of accident or injury.

Gallagher has supported the amazing team at Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopters for more than 20 years to save the lives of kiwis young and old, with financial assistance and support.

Supporting Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Habitat for Humanity – Global

Substandard living conditions, overcrowding, dampness, lack of services and lack of insulation are all elements which effect the health and wellbeing of tens of millions of people worldwide. Gallagher is proud to have sent teams to many corners of the globe from Thailand to Vietnam, Cambodia and beyond to assist in the home building projects of Habitat for Humanity amongst the poorest of communities.

From building to laboring, painting to plastering, roofing and beyond, Gallagher teams continue to play their part with this amazing organization.

Don Bosco Centers – USA

In 2022 our US team linked up with the Don Bosco Centers in Kansas City, an organization that helps families in need by providing essential services, meals and helping raise people above adversity – with a special emphasis on children.

As well as the team making direct cash donations to this worthy cause there has also been a hands-on part to this with the team working with the centers to fill fridges and pantries, as well as contributing toys, candy and much more.

Educational support – USA

Inquisitive minds have kept Gallagher humming for over 80 years, so we understand the importance of inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders. As such, Gallagher are proud to support numerous schools across the globe providing everything from modern technology to sporting equipment, educational materials, tools or clothing.

Pinewood Elementary School in Florida, USA was a recent recipient of Gallagher support with our US team stepping up to provide the funds to support students with a range of incredibly positive educational opportunities and outcomes as a result of Gallagher funding.

Yes Charity – United Kingdom

Gallagher is proud to support London based not-for-profit, Yes who are on a mission to create opportunities for at risk youths by providing support and opportunities to Sports and Community Clubs.

Upcoming 2022 activities for the Gallagher UK team with Yes include; taking a group of young people to the Solent on a genuine racing yacht day with some of the Gallagher team and another initiative (with an equally worthy group of youngsters) who we will be taking to a National Trust property for a range of outdoor activities and challenges (with our UK team). The aim being to support the ongoing learning and development of these young people who otherwise have very limited opportunity to experience such unique opportunities.

Bravehearts – Australia

Gallagher is proud to have formed a strong relationship with Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection agency. Supporting Bravehearts to provide industry-leading child protection training and education programs, specialist child sexual abuse counselling and support services, as well as research and lobbying.

Men’s Shed – Australia

Gallagher Australia is incredibly proud to be actively supporting the Men’s Shed Association, one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations - providing facilities for older males to meet, socialise and bond over a shared love of all types of building projects. The provision of security systems to protect and secure the expensive machinery and tools that each and every Men's Shed requires is an initiative Gallagher Australia is proud to be leading.

Supporting Active Communities

Supporting grass roots clubs in our communities – Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand

Gallagher has a rich history of investing in and supporting grass roots sport of all types and in many regions throughout the globe. In 2022 we are delighted to have running a huge variety of grass roots initiatives to support community sport and recreation clubs.  Just a few examples include;

  • Women’s and Men’s rugby at the University of St Andrews
  • Gold Coast District Rugby Union
  • Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association
  • Brighton Rugby Union Football Club, South Australia

Gallagher Community Hockey Centre – New Zealand

A community (field) hockey center that hosts more than 100 games of hockey each week is indeed a facility that merits support. Gallagher is proud to have supported this Community center for more than a decade, assisting tens of thousands of players of all ages and abilities to play and enjoy the game they love.

The Gallagher Chiefs – New Zealand

The Gallagher Chiefs are a name synonymous with success in one of the world’s toughest and most respected professional rugby competitions. Gallagher has been a major sponsor of the team for close to 20 years. Supporting the team at the elite level, but also supporting the club with community activity that reaches out to young and old alike and encourages engagement with the team and the sport itself.

Avantidrome – New Zealand

Appropriately based in the town of Cambridge, which is also known as the ‘Town of Champions,’ Gallagher is a core sponsor of the Avantidrome. The Avantidrome is a center of cycling excellence, a world class environment where the NZ track cycling world and Olympic champions inspire participation from all New Zealanders.

Supporting Environmental Management

Waikato River Care – New Zealand

The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand, running for 425 kilometers through the North Island. It rises in the eastern slopes of Mount Ruapehu and flows in a long and winding path before finally it empties into the Tasman Sea south of Auckland.

Gallagher is proud to provide funding and active support (such as employee river side planting days) to ensure the long- term health and wellbeing of the river and the many ecosystems it supports.

Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group – New Zealand

The kiwi is recognized as an icon of New Zealand, with the association being so strong that the term Kiwi is used internationally as the colloquial description for a New Zealander.

Unfortunately, the kiwi is under threat (as with so much native wildlife around the globe), with studies showing less than 10% of kiwi chicks survive to adulthood without support and management.

Gallagher is proud to provide funding and assistance to ensure the long-term survival of the wild Kiwi population. We can’t imagine New Zealand without Kiwi. Programs such as Whenuakite, resulted in the IUCN downgrading the status of two Kiwi species from endangered to vulnerable in 2017. A small, but critical win that Gallagher is proud to contribute to.

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