Committed to Waste Reduction

Waste reduction initiatives are at the forefront of Gallagher’s commitment to sustainability and being a responsible corporate citizen. This is evidenced in all parts of our operation from production and manufacturing to design, administration, and sales. As our sustainability journey has accelerated in recent years the team at Gallagher has sought out, adopted, designed, and developed multiple ways and means to recycle, reduce and re-purpose waste. while constantly challenging ourselves to optimize the use of all resources fully.

Source Separated Recycling – Global initiative

At Gallagher sites worldwide we have embraced multiple ‘point of discard’ initiatives to separate materials at the point of discard to allow for separately streamed recycling of all types of materials and substrates including metal, glass, paper, plastic etc.

Our Australian team has been prominent in this area.  In 2021 the Customer Service team led the charge in adding a site wide recycling system to the business, ensuring it became easy for all staff to ‘do the right thing’.

Previously the team were only able to recycle paper and cans and bottles, but since then, the team have added comingle and organic waste recycling bins which are regularly picked up. This has resulted in more than a 50% reduction in the waste that is destined for landfill.

In the UK our team has engaged with Fortress ‘a carbon neutral company’ who collect and sort their waste at their state-of-the-art facility in Warwick to almost zero land-fill levels.

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Reducing our print footprint – Global initiative

When you are manufacturing and distributing tens of thousands of tech products each year, the cumulative benefit of multiple minor process improvements is significant.  A 2021 initiative to remove all printed guide and instruction booklets from our products has delivered major gains in this area.  What was once printed is now accessible via a QR code linked to a digital guide. A simple initiative that has saved an enormous amount of paper usage and waste without any negative effect.

Cardboard Recycling Program – New Zealand, Australia and UK

Gallagher is proud to operate an in-house shredding plant as part of our manufacturing process in New Zealand and on location in regions including Australia and the UK.  This state-of-the-art technology takes the millions of pieces of cardboard we receive each year and intricately re-purposes them into patterned lattice sheets - perfect as a cushioning substrate for us to then use in the packaging of our products being distributed into market.

Not only does this represent a brilliant recycling of previously waste bound material, but it has also meant an immediate and significant reduction in our need to purchase and use more common plastic-based cushioning - which had been prevalent for so long.

Reducing water consumption – New Zealand

An organization of the size and scale of Gallagher, can do so many things to conserve the worlds precious resources. Whether it be sensor timed water taps or managed flow cooling systems in our manufacturing facilities we treat water as a resource that can and should be conserved. Our team is constantly looking at opportunities to more efficiently use and conserve this resource.

Sustainable Packaging – New Zealand and Australia

2022 saw the proactive move away from bleached white card in all our product and transport packaging to the use of natural brown card. This delivered wins on so many fronts. The new natural card eliminates almost 100% of the harmful bleaching products previously being utilized, offered greater recycling capability, and ultimately cost savings all round.

Our Operations team in Melbourne have also initiated some compelling waste reduction processes. Until recently, the pallet wrapping used for consignments and the plastic air bags used as packing fill, were non-recyclable. Over the last six months the team has replaced the wrapping with a 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene material and the bags with reusable waste cardboard. On top of this the team has also found ways to recycle metal weight bars and a variety of our electronics components. A great win for the environment!

2021 also saw the removal of single use plastic bags from the packaging of our single door controllers. Instead of housing the units’ mounting screws in these bags, the screws are now locked onto the unit via small, machined holes and the once numerous plastic bags are completely redundant.

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Pallet recycling – UK and New Zealand

It is said that a good warehouse operation can be judged by the presentation of the empty pallet stack in the yard.  Our team in the UK took this as a challenge in 2022 when they stepped into their all- new, eco-friendly building in Warwick. The team embraced the ‘trash nothing’ app and process.

This process effectively manages pallet stocks to ensure waste is kept to an absolute minimum and that damaged and previously trashed pallets are distributed to people in the community to enjoy a new life as garden furniture, bird and bat boxes as well as raised plant borders for disabled gardeners. A win for Gallagher, the community and the environment!

Plastics Recycling – New Zealand

Plastics are one of the leading causes of environmental concern worldwide. Gallagher takes the challenge of plastics use and recycling seriously and has introduced multiple initiatives in recent years to reduce any negative impact our plastics use is having.

A major advancement in this area was introduced in 2021 with Gallagher investing in technology to allow us to regrind our own reject HDPE plastic material. Allowing the resulting material to then be utilized and repurposed into new plastic brackets for use in the packaging of other Gallagher products.

Electronics Recycling – New Zealand

Given the size and scale of our operation in both New Zealand and Australia we go through batteries (of all sizes), circuit boards, old computers and mobile phones at a significant rate. Wherever possible we are now targeting almost a universal recycling rate on these components.

A leading example of this is the battery recycling program at our major production and manufacturing facility in New Zealand. Almost 100% of all batteries used within the entire site are now stored, collected, and recycled via a monthly service. What previously went into landfills in large numbers is now recycled for a better purpose.

Metals Recycling – New Zealand and Australia

Across our production, warehouse and distribution hubs in New Zealand and Australia we have extensive processes to screen, identify and then recycle a wide range of metal products including metal weight bars and other metal objects, copper leads, offcuts and cables and much more.

Eco-Friendly Events – UK

The 2022 opening of our all new, purpose-built Gallagher facility in the UK drew a huge amount of fanfare from all corners. The opening which featured employees, suppliers, customers and a host of dignitaries was the perfect opportunity for Gallagher to showcase our commitment to running a truly sustainable event (supported by our event partner Warwick events).

What this meant was no single use plastics were used, waste was separated into defined streams, for recycling or composting and the plants used as decor and table centers were 100% re-homed and are now growing in the Gallagher grounds or employee gardens. Additionally, all of the furniture at the event came with a story, with the tables and bars being handmade from salvaged or reclaimed wood. There was also a concerted effort to spend with worthy community businesses which saw 95.2% of the event budget being spent with charity or micro businesses which supported minorities.

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