Wellington City Council

Meeting a broad range of security needs with integrated security solutions across the capital city.

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The challenge

Wellington City Council (WCC) is a local body government organisation employing around 1,800 staff. As with all councils that manage a large number of facilities on behalf of their city, the WCC has a broad range of security needs and an accountability to the rate-paying citizens of Wellington. With sites including libraries, swimming pool complexes, community and recreation centres, housing blocks, a city zoo, event facilities, and a multi-story central office building, the security requirements vary considerably and it is imperative the council has a reliable system that provides a complete view of activity at all sites.

The Gallagher solution

WCC uses Gallagher's Command Centre central management platform to manage security across its numerous sites. Integration between Command Centre and over 400 cameras provides live video footage to WCC's security control room, allowing them to observe critical areas and respond appropriately when a site alarm is triggered. Replacement of traditional lock and key systems with electronic access control and smart card technology enables efficient management of access to secure areas, while eliminating the security threat and cost incurred by lost keys.

The business value

Gallagher's system has enabled WCC to standardise its infrastructure and bring many elements on to one platform. In addition to securing facilities and assets, WCC secures and protects staff working at each of its sites. The Gallagher system is delivering cost savings in several key areas. WCC faced challenges with traditional keys being lost or not returned by staff or contractors. Rekeying a site cost approximately $4,000 each time – an expense that has now been eliminated. Efficiencies gained through intelligent automation save the security team approximately 4-5 days of cardholder administration each year. WCC has found Gallagher's security solution to be a reliable and versatile, highly secure, modern system that has effectively supported its significant growth to date.

“Our camera integration with Command Centre means that in addition to being able to continuously observe critical areas, any site alarm that is triggered will immediately bring up a live video feed for the security staff in our control room”.

Wellington City Council

Fast facts

Industry: Government
Business type: City Council
Number of sites: 150
Number of cardholders: Approx. 4,000 (incl. contractors)
Number of employees: 1,800
Number of doors: 1,500

Gallagher technology used

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