Mobile Solutions

You control everything from your smartphone – your security should be no different.

Gallagher puts the power of security in your hands. Our solutions are designed to work on your mobile device, so your security is with you wherever you go.

Benefits of mobile security

Take your security with you, wherever you go
Use your device to unlock doors for greater convenience
Replace keys, cards, and pin codes that are costly to maintain
Never miss an alarm activation or emergency at your site
If an emergency occurs, instantly notify everyone on-site via a push notification
Use the devices built-in security (facial recognition, biometrics, PIN) as an additional layer of verification

Our mobile solutions

Command Centre Mobile app

Command Centre Mobile securely connects your mobile device to your Command Centre system from anywhere on site. This gives you the power to control your system from a location that is more convenient to you.

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Command Centre Web

Command Centre Web securely connects your mobile device to your Command Centre system from any location where an internet connection is available. You can easily manage everything related to cardholders, with more functionality coming in the future.

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Mobile Connect app

Mobile Connect transforms your mobile device into an access credential for a Command Centre system. Replacing cards and pin codes, Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth to unlock doors and can be easily downloaded to any of your users’ devices.

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Gallagher SMB app

The Gallagher SMB app is the heart of our SMB solution and is what you use to control the system.

Gallagher SMB is our fully app-based security solution that is designed to simplify and streamline security for businesses.

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An award-winning security platform. Loved by customers.

“Being able to access the platform and administer overrides using my phone from wherever I am at the time is huge for me.”

Mike Humphrey, Manager of Property Services, People’s Choice Credit Union

“Using mobile with facial recognition is far more secure than card and PIN, and it’s immensely more cost effective than buying biometric readers.”

Ahli United Bank, Bahrain

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