Data Centres

Protection from curb to core

A suite of protections designed to keep your data centre secure from every direction

When it comes to safeguarding your data centre’s vital information, we understand the importance of employing a world-leading security solution. With numerous servers and stringent security measures needed, your organization requires a robust system capable of mitigating potential threats that could compromise data integrity and protection.

At the heart of your operations, your primary concern is ensuring compliance and the security of your sensitive technological assets, spanning from essential cooling systems to high-density servers.

To meet your unique security needs, a comprehensive and multi-layered approach is essential. Gallagher’s data centre security solutions offer precisely that, effectively addressing both cyber and physical security risks. Regardless of the size, scale, or complexity of your site, our solutions ensure end-to-end protection, from the curb to the core.

  • Cardholder access
  • Your security, your way
  • Site awareness
  • Real time reporting

We understand the importance of ensuring all your access permissions are efficiently and reliably managed, for employees, contractors, and visitors to your site. In an ever-changing technological landscape, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) is a must and provides an additional layer of security to ensure the right person is coming through your door.  

Your physical security measures should also be an important part of your security puzzle. Gallagher’s locker management solution ensures data integrity and safeguards server racks to protect your most sensitive assets. Anti-passback and anti-tailgating measures are also critical to mitigate the widespread risk of unauthorized visitors and ensure that the cardholder coming through the door is who they say they are.

Cut costs and boost productivity with Gallagher’s Command Centre. Seamlessly bring together information from various systems including biometrics, building management systems, and more into one powerful central operating platform.  

Our cutting-edge biometric solutions and integrations provide unparalleled security, ensuring safe entry to sensitive areas with contactless multi-factor authentication. Sensitive data is at the heart of your site, so the ability to monitor critical areas and respond appropriately is non-negotiable. Utilizing Command Centre’s seamless video integrations, you'll have a compelling visual and audible records of events.

When it comes to protecting your site, nothing is more important than ensuring the right people have the right access at the right time. Gallagher’s Visitor Management solutions help you keep your workplace secure so you’re confident that everyone onsite is cleared to be there. Our smart security fence system detects and deters unauthorized entry, triggering instant alerts for a swift response, ensuring you’re protected from curb to core.

Early discovery of faults within your data centre could be the difference between minimal downtime and costly disruptions to your business operations. Timely detection allows you to take appropriate action and ensure the reliability of your critical IT infrastructure.

Protection and monitoring of your electrical supply and server rooms is critical to the seamless operation of your site. Building management systems, like HVAC, ensure you have comprehensive visibility and control over significant aspects of your site, such as temperature, humidity, power consumption, and airflow.

Gain full visibility and control of your data centre with powerful reporting, real-time audits, and data management.

Gallagher’s flexible and powerful reporting capabilities simplify compliance and reduce administrative time and cost. Real-time audit trails provide reliable decision-making information, with automated and scheduled reports for easy distribution.

With an array of access requirements for your data centre, a single source of truth when managing data is essential. Integrations such as Microsoft® Active Directory (AD) allow you to streamline access management, eliminating duplication and allowing swift disabling of permissions with a click.

Data Centre features

Video management
Easily monitor your building without the need to move between multiple systems

Automate and schedule reports to distribute information to those who need it

Locker management
Protect data integrity and safeguard server racks

Building management systems
Ensure full visibility of your site with Building Management Systems such as HVAC

Implement contactless access control for an advanced layer of extra security

Visitor management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Perimeter solutions
Keep your people, premises, and assets safe with powerful perimeter solutions

Easily produce decision-making information to prove compliances with regulations and requirements

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“Command Centre is flexible, scalable, and simple to use, giving us the power to manage our site, our way.”

Gladson John, Zoho Corporation, Estancia IT Park

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