Maximizing safety, productivity, and compliance for mining

A security system tailored for mining

By working with Gallagher Security, you can design a security system that meets the specific needs of your mining operation. Our solutions create a secure working environment – one that minimizes risks and reduces the likeliness of interruptions to your business. We also help you to meet health and safety compliance requirements in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

  • Protect your people
  • Ensure compliance
  • Effective emergency response
  • Protect valuable assets
  • Business efficiency and cost savings

In a hazardous environment, ensuring the safety of your people is paramount. With Gallagher Security solutions, you have full control over who can access your mining site.

Gallagher’s access control system manages entry to designated areas and ensures only the people you permit have access to the various locations on your site. Access qualifications can be based on whether they have completed inductions, hold licenses, or are accredited with qualifications – you decide.

Once on site, their movement can be monitored and controlled, with the ability to generate reports based on access logs, CCTV footage, and more.

Given the risks associated with mining operations, government legislation is stringent, frequently changing, and differs from country to country.

Gallagher Security’s mining solutions help you to meet a variety of global compliance standards by ensuring the staff you have on site are trained, licensed, and competent, and not fatigued or over-exposed.

The system is designed to be adaptable, so it can be tailored to meet changing regulations without significant reinvestment.

Quickly accounting for personnel in the event of an incident is crucial for mining operations. With Gallagher Security’s solutions, you can easily identify where people are on site to help everyone reach safety when it counts.

Personnel tracking enables you to monitor the location of all staff, useful when performing underground blasting or when an emergency occurs. If required, a partial or total site lockdown can be quickly established with access available to selected groups (e.g. senior staff or rescue personnel).

Large equipment, such as heavy machinery or vehicles, are key to the function of a mining operation. Gallagher Security’s mining solutions ensure these valuable assets are protected by restricting who can access the areas they are stored within.

Anyone who does gain access to an area with equipment will be recorded within the system, creating an audit trail that can be easily traced in the future.

Protect your mining operation while benefitting from cost-savings.

Gallagher Security’s solutions allow for remote monitoring of multiple mining sites from a single platform – ideal for sites that are running 24/7. This means you can be in full control, limiting downtime while significantly reducing theft and damage. Real-time audit trails provide you with information for prompt and reliable decision making.

You can simplify administration through automation. By integrating with a range of HR systems, employee data, such as licenses, qualifications, and credentials, are automatically passed through to your security system.

Mining features

Achieve stringent global compliance requirements

Ensure competencies are met and recorded

Triggers and alerts
Prepare for emergencies and stay on top of events

Seamless integrations
Integrate with systems such as HR/Workforce Management

Regulated zones
Reduce risk of fatigue and exposure on site

Tag boards
Improve emergency response with real-time personnel tracking

Implement contactless access control for hassle free access

Video management
Easily monitor your site without the need to move between multiple systems

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