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Robust and reliable security for the protection of critical infrastructure sites.

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The challenge

Powerlink Queensland is a leading Australian provider of high voltage electricity transmission network services, combining innovation with insight to deliver safe, cost effective, and reliable solutions. They are a Government-Owned Corporation that owns, develops, operates, and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network in Queensland, extending 1,700 kilometres from Cairns to the New South Wales border.

As a critical infrastructure provider, it is essential that Powerlink meets rigorous safety and security requirements to ensure the continued operation of its transmission network.

The Gallagher solution

Powerlink installed Gallagher’s Monitored Pulse Fence system at numerous substations across Queensland to provide an effective detection and deterrent solution for their critical infrastructure sites. The Monitored Pulse Fence technology notifies Powerlink security staff of critical alarms, and provides reports on fence zones and voltage levels, while complying with international safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards.

To manage visitor and staff movement and add an extra layer of security, Gallagher T-Series readers were installed on the pedestrian gates of each site.

Entry and exit data reports from these gates can be pulled from the Gallagher Command Centre software platform for auditing purposes, while also providing Powerlink with full control and assurance of knowing who's on site and when they leave.

The business value

Since installing their Gallagher security solution, Powerlink’s substations have benefited from complete site control and reliable intrusion detection. By utilising Gallagher’s Monitored Pulse Fence technology, Powerlink is notified in real-time should an intrusion occur, helping to protect both the public and staff from accidental or intentional entry to the site.

Powerlink have worked alongside Gallagher to develop their own commissioning test plans with designs and created a standardisation across all sites. By having consistency of the hardware within field cabinets across Powerlink’s substation sites, it has helped to streamline day-to-day operations for security staff and installers, while also saving Powerlink time and money, ensuring quality control, and providing greater efficiency across their site's security.

Fast facts

Industry: Utilities

Gallagher technology used

  • Gallagher Command Centre
  • Gallagher Monitored Pulse Fence: 33 wire Fence about 800m – 1.1km per substation
  • K20 technology
  • Controller 6000
  • F32 and F31 Fence Controllers
  • Multi-tech T-Series readers

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