Oman Electricity Transmission Company

Keeping people safe by using a reliable perimeter solution to control access to remote sites.

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The challenge

Based in Muscat, Oman, the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) owns and operates the main electricity transmission network, transferring electricity from generating stations to distribution load centres in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.

Protecting the company’s assets while ensuring the safety of the public is central to ensuring business continuity and reliable distribution of electricity. With 90 grid stations in remote locations, identifying and responding to unauthorized intrusions in a timely way was challenging. Members of the public were also entering the sites to have picnics, unwittingly risking injury or even death. OETC required a robust perimeter security system to deter intruders, manage risk and protect the public from harm.

The Gallagher solution

Using Gallagher’s effective and reliable fencing solution, perimeter breach attempts are deterred by an energized pulse, delivering a short but safe shock.

The Gallagher Z20 Disturbance Sensor in use at the gate heightens perimeter security by ensuring continuous monitoring and detection of vibration or movement of the gate when it is closed and the system is in an armed state.

The ability of Gallagher technology to easily integrate with CCTV cameras, automated lighting and a remote monitoring system further ensures a safe and secure environment.

The business value

Gallagher perimeter control solutions are now under construction or completed at 70 of the remote grid station sites – including over 25 kilometres of monitored pulse fencing.  Unauthorized entry to these sites has been reduced to zero.

OETC now has peace of mind that assets at its remote sites are protected, while being secure from unauthorized access – ultimately keeping people safe from harm.

Gallagher’s accurate and responsive security monitoring systems have also resulted in significant cost savings and business efficiencies for OETC. The fully monitored solution has allowed OETC to reduce the number of guards deployed, and redeploy them on other tasks.

"With a fully monitored solution, the number of guards has been reduced and they have been redeployed on other tasks."

Mark Hevland, Director of Risk Management, ISB

Fast facts

Industry: Electric Power
Area of monitored pulse fencing: 25 kilometres
No. of sites: 70 controlled by Gallagher perimeter solutions

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