Merthyr County Council

Even with a security company protecting three Merthyr County Council sites, break-ins were still taking place. Therefore a new solution was required. One which deterred and detected and defended.

The challenge

Merthyr County Council were experiencing high levels of break-ins and thefts in its three household recycling sites resulting in high repair and replacement costs. The Council employed a security company to man guard three sites which cost over £150,000 per annum however, the break-ins were still occurring.

The Gallagher solution

The Gallagher Channel Partner designed a solution to detect, deter and protect. They installed a Gallagher Monitored Pulse Fence to detect intruders climbing or breaking through the fence, deter by delivering a short, sharp but safe shock, while protecting the Council's assets and on-going operation.

The system was retrofitted to an existing fence structure ensuring an easy, efficient and cost-effective installation.

The business value

Since the fence was installed break-ins have ceased and the requirement for man guarding is no longer needed.

Electrical Statutory Compliance Inspector at Merthyr County Council, Les Lewis, said: "I was thrilled with the completed project. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it has met all of our security requirements. It has also helped make huge cost savings as we no longer require manned security out of hours or need to repair damaged fences and replace expensive assets. I believe the Gallagher system will pay for itself within 18 months."

Fast facts

Industry: Recycling plant
Challenge: To protect three sites against break-ins and thefts
Technology: Gallagher Monitored Pulse Fencing

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