End-User Knowledge Centre

The End-User Knowledge Centre is located within the Security Hub and is a free resource available to all Gallagher end-users. It has been created to help you take full advantage of the system you have. Here you will find valuable ‘how-to’ videos giving you the skills and knowledge to harness the full value of Command Centre.

Below is a peek into the resources available, this library of useful user onboarding videos is continually evolving and growing, log in or register for the Security Hub today to view the full library.

  • Command Centre Foundations

    Video 1: Navigating the help menu
    In this video we will show you where to find the Command Centre Help Files and how to navigate the Help File tabs to find a topic of interest.

    Video 2: Renaming a help file favourite
    In this video we will revisit navigating the Command Centre Help Files, demonstrate how to save a Help File to the favourites tab and how to rename a topic of interest within the favourites tab to refer to later.

    Video 3: Updating your logon credentials
    In this video we will demonstrate how to log on to and log off from Command Centre and how to change your own operator password, while discussing the importance of individual operator log-ons and password security.

    Video 4: Updating another operator's logon credentials
    In this video, we will demonstrate how to set and change another Command Centre operator’s log on name and password on their behalf, while introducing the concept of viewer configuration and the use-cases of the cardholder operator group tile.

    Video 5: About Command Centre window
    In this video, we will introduce you to the Command Centre About window which is a useful tool for determining the version of Command Centre software being used, the site serial number and which operator is logged on to the workstation.

    Video 6: Maximising and minimising viewer tiles
    In this video we will demonstrate how tiles within Command Centre viewers can be maximised and minimised for ease of use.

    Video 7: Extending viewers to individual monitors
    In this video we will demonstrate how to separate out a viewer tile to display it on an extended monitor, for ease of use when working within Command Centre.

    Video 8: Operator groups and privileges
    In this video we will introduce the concept of Operator Groups and Operator Group Privileges, which determine what items a system operator can view and edit when working within Command Centre.

    Video 9: System view
    In this video we will build on our introduction of Operator Groups and Operator Group Privileges to demonstrate the System View window which can be used to determine operator group membership and toggle between operator group memberships. For administrators, this is also a useful tool for testing the configuration of newly created operator groups.

    Video 10: Quick tips
    In this video we will draw your attention to the question-mark icons throughout Command Centre, which provide useful Quick Tips for each item you are working on.

    Video 11: What is an Access Zone? What is an Access Group?
    In this video, we will discuss what access zones and access groups are, and the difference between the two.

  • Time Savers

    Video 1: Copying Access Groups from one cardholder to another
    In this video, we will demonstrate how to copy access groups from one cardholder to another, saving time while administering access for cardholders with the same access requirements.

    Video 2: Access by last assignment
    In this video, we will demonstrate the access by last assignment tool, saving time while administering the same access to multiple card holders in a row.

    Video 3: Duplicating Access Groups
    In this video, we will demonstrate how to duplicate an access group, saving time while creating new access groups with similar properties to existing access groups.

    Video 4: Introducing bulk changes
    In this video, we will introduce and demonstrate the Bulk Change feature, saving time when making changes to a group of items in Command Centre which share common properties.

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