Certified Channel Partner Training

Our Certified Channel Partner Training Program is aimed at giving our Channel Partners the skills and knowledge necessary to design, install, commission, and maintain Gallagher solutions. Certification and re-certification of Channel Partner technicians is fundamental to the Gallagher Channel Partner partnership. It provides our partners with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and remain current with the latest Gallagher technology, but also provides potential customers with verification of technician’s skills and expertise.

There are a range of technician training options available for Gallagher Channel Partners covering both access control courses and perimeter courses. Certified Channel Partners can view the schedule, course outlines, and book technician training all through the Gallagher Security Hub


Certification levels

Certification and re-certification reflect a minimum standard achieved at a point in time. There are three access control course certification levels:

  • Gallagher Access Technician
  • Gallagher Access Engineer (requires Access Technician certification)
  • Gallagher Access Integrator (requires Access Engineer certification)

For perimeter solutions, we have two core certification levels:

  • Fence Installation Technician
  • Perimeter Network for Fence Installer (requires Access Technician)


Technician certification

Classroom or virtual classroom certifications are valid for two years from the date of accreditation.

Self-guided  online  training certifications are valid for 12 months. Following the first 12-month period technicians must recertify; following that, their recertification is valid for two years from date of accreditation.

Certifications are assigned to individuals employed by a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner. Each certified individual will receive their own personalised Gallagher certification Digital ID once they have successfully completed their course; in Australia, Channel Partners will also receive a Gallagher Digital Badge.



Re-certification is a skill maintenance and validation program. Re-certification is neither a refresher course nor training course - it is a test scenario to validate the technician is commensurate with the level of their certification. The core objective is to ensure that technicians maintain the necessary skills to the level shown on their certification cards.