Call for Participation: Gallagher’s Survey on Digital Transformation in the Security Industry

Wednesday, 05 June, 2024
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HAMILTON, NZ – In the spirit of shared learning and growth, Gallagher Security is calling all security professionals and users to add their voice to an industry-wide survey designed to capture a snapshot of this transformative period. 

This collaborative research initiative seeks to gather global insights that will culminate in a comprehensive trends report designed to benefit every corner of the global security industry. 

“This project is rooted in one of our core values: the belief that sharing knowledge freely is a powerful catalyst for growth and progress,” says Mark Junge, Chief Executive at Gallagher Security.  

“Gallagher’s annual Security Industry Trends Report serves as an embodiment of those values. Our industry has been in transition these past few years, which always brings a degree of uncertainty that makes it difficult to plan ahead. Our goal with this survey and report is to hold a mirror up to our industry peers and provide a tool that helps us navigate the shifting landscape together.” 

Why Your Participation Matters 

Gallagher Security’s trends survey is more than just a research project – it's a call to action for every security professional to share their voice and contribute to a collective understanding of how this transformation is playing out on a global scale. “Your input is instrumental in helping us identify the factors making the biggest impact on the future of security,” says Mark. “It's a way for us to come together as an industry and share the observations and challenges affecting us all.” 

The survey covers a range of topics, including: 

  • Organizations’ leading security goals 

  • Challenges impacting budgets and upgrades 

  • How organizations rank integrations and features 

  • Strategies around cybersecurity and compliance 

  • Plans for adopting Cloud solutions 

  • Organizations’ current stance on the use of AI 


A Report for the Entire Industry 

The 2025 Security Industry Trends Report, which will be based on the data gathered from this survey, is intended to be a resource for all stakeholders in the global security industry to inform decision-making, strategic planning, and innovation. From installers to IT professionals and everyone in between, perspectives across regions, channels, and industries are welcome to add their voice and capture a snapshot of the year ahead. 

How to Participate 

Participating in the survey is straightforward, anonymous, and will take less than 10 minutes to complete.  

Take part in the survey here.  

The survey will remain open until June 30, and Gallagher encourages everyone to share it with colleagues and professional networks to help create a tool that benefits us all. 

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