Studio 413

In the town of Collierville, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis, the dancing arts come alive in Studio 413. With over 20 years in business, Studio 413 has become an integral part of the community.

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Recognizing the importance of ensuring the safety of their students, Maggie Rosamond and Kim McCarter, co-owners of Studio 413, embarked on a journey to fortify their building after recent security incidents in nearby Memphis. Crime is on the rise in Memphis, where the chances of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 18. Maggie and Kim knew that it was better to invest in securing their business now before an incident could occur in the future.

The decision to enhance security was not just a professional one for Maggie and Kim; it was deeply personal. With 14 faculty and over 3,500 students and alumni, Maggie and Kim have a deep-rooted sense of community with their dancers. As students, staff, and parents come and go throughout the day, they wanted to ensure the safety of their community. Even though the incidents in Memphis didn’t directly affect their studio, they were determined to prioritize the safety of their dancers and teachers.

Robert Thiel, a project manager at Convergint and father to a Studio 413 student, stepped in to help secure the building his child dances in regularly. Recognizing and taking appreciation for the genuine concerns of Maggie and Kim, Robert recommended Gallagher Security’s cloud-based security solution, Security Made Better (SMB). This comprehensive security system was poised not only to address immediate security concerns but to elevate the daily operations at Studio 413, upgrading them from outdated lock and key solutions.

"With the rise of crime and two major incidents in Memphis, we decided it was time to look at our security for improvements."

Maggie Rosamond, Co-Owner

Gallagher SMB enables Studio 413 to set and disable alarms, manage incidents, and monitor users providing or removing access via a mobile app, regardless of whether Maggie and Kim are in the building onsite or remote. Gallagher SMB simplifies security for business owners who are not security experts, but people that are busy and in need of an easy-to-use solution without having to constantly worry about the security of their building.

Maggie and Kim were delighted to find that the solution was user friendly, allowing them to learn how to set up their system in under 30 minutes.

“We were focused on the sole purpose of keeping the kids safe, but the system turned out to be extremely convenient and very easy to understand. After initial set-up, we didn’t have to contact Robert with any problems.” Maggie Rosamond, Co-Owner.

Gallagher SMB not only strengthened Studio 413’s security but also introduced improvements to their daily business operations. The initial adjustments were swift, and the positive feedback from parents and the community has been overwhelming. The new security measures not only kept the children safe but also created a more efficient and synchronized experience for everyone involved.

Gallagher SMB optimized the flow of traffic during peak times with multiple classes and the chaos of student pick up or drop off by transforming the once exit-only side door into an active entry and exit point. By placing a Gallagher SMB reader on the door, parents, students, and staff were empowered to enter the studio using their phones, which became their own personal access card thanks to the Mobile App Maggie and Kim could also rest assured that no students waited outside the once exit-only door in hopes that someone would hear them knock and appreciated that everyone accessing the building was authorized as a parent, student, or staff member.

The journey of Studio 413 with Gallagher Security SMB is a heartwarming tale of community care and the transformative power of prioritizing safety. Maggie and Kim’s commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment for their students has not only fortified their dance studio but has resonated as a caring melody throughout Collierville.

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