Queensland University of Technology

The challenge

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) owns highly-valuable assets and facilities, operates multiple open campuses, and has a combined population of approximately 58,000 staff and students. QUT’s challenges lie in operating a highly effective yet discreet security and site management system capable of seamless operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Gallagher solution

In a partnership that’s lasted more than 20 years, QUT utilises Gallagher technology including intelligent access control hardware and software to manage cardholder access and facility schedules. By integrating multiple systems - including emergency control points and alarms for temperature change, fire, and flooding - in to Gallagher’s Command Centre platform, QUT is able to ensure staff quickly identify, locate, and respond to any potential risks on campus.

The business value

Utilising Gallagher’s simple to operate systems dramatically improves administration time and training for QUT when it comes to managing tens of thousands of cardholders. The capability to secure and manage facility access, and to immediately identify risks ensures staff, students, and visitors are remain safe and protected on campus.

Fast facts

Industry: Education
Business type: University
Number of employees: 12,000
Number of students: 46,000
Site size: 3 campuses
Number of readers: 1500

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