Mayfair Florists

Convenient cloud-based security protects small business after string of costly burglaries.

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The challenge

Mayfair Florists is an established floristry business based in Adelaide, Australia. Located on a busy street, with nearby commercial developments and heavy foot traffic, Mayfair Florists experienced multiple burglaries resulting in costly repair bills, missing stock, and disturbance to business continuity. Owner of Mayfair Florists, Jason Minney, required a reliable and convenient security solution to deter intruders, provide complete site visibility, and provide him with the comfort of knowing his business was protected day and night.

The Gallagher solution

Gallagher’s cloud-based security solution for small and medium business (SMB) was installed which enables Jason to arm and disarm alarms, manage incidents, and monitor users - both onsite and remotely via a mobile app.

“Gallagher SMB is incredibly easy to use - if an alarm goes off, I have total control. I can check it wherever I am and act if I need to.”

Jason Minney, Owner, Mayfair Florists

The business value

The user management functionality available within Gallagher SMB proved to be a game-changer for Jason and his business. Through the Gallagher SMB app, he can add, edit, and remove staff or contractor access, and manage which areas of the site they can enter. For Jason, this not only saves him valuable time but prevents the possibility of access credentials being left in the wrong hands and potentially used for theft or vandalism.

Utilizing the cloud-based intelligence of Gallagher SMB, Jason has the reassurance of knowing his business is protected by highly secure and reliable security technology, without needing to purchase and store expensive servers on site.

“As a small business, I don’t want to be spending lots on a security system. Gallagher SMB ticks all the boxes,” said Jason. “It’s a great option for any small business wanting an app-based security solution that does all of the hard work for you.”

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