How Gallagher Helped Insurance Auto Auctions Enhance Car Dealership Security

Learn how Gallagher Security helped Insurance Auto Auctions reduce theft and vandalism with effective car dealership security.

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Are you concerned about the security of your car dealership? You're not alone. With the rising number of incidents targeting car dealerships, it's vital to implement effective strategies to prevent theft, damage, and vandalism to safeguard your business. By implementing car yard security, you can significantly reduce the risk of these incidents and protect your business and asset.

Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) is one such car dealership that has experienced such threats. However, with the help of Gallagher Security, IAA was able to address their security issues and reduced the risk of car dealership theft, vandalism, and damage.

About Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA)

Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), is one of North America’s leading salvage auto auctions companies with the largest facility footprint, strong buyer base and high auction returns. The exclusive focus is on the automotive total-loss industry with over 160 corporate owned facilities across the United States and Canada providing Sellers and Buyers with the best solution to process and acquire total-loss, recovered-theft, fleet lease, dealer trade-in and collision damaged rental vehicles.

Holding a variety of automobiles from cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles - the highest property protection measures must be taken.

The challenge: The need for enhanced car yard security

When IAA felt they needed a more robust car yard security system along with unsurpassed service to protect their business, they chose Gallagher’s perimeter security solution. Over 12 strong years, Gallagher is now much more than a security solutions vendor. They are a long-term partner.

The solution: Gallagher’s perimeter security solutions

Covering auction sizes from two acres to 70 plus, IAA Dallas, Gallagher’s networked perimeter fencing is in use and expanding across all IAAs geographical regions.

IAA staff know that the threat of car dealership theft, vandalism and damage has been reduced thanks to the deterrence and detection features of Gallagher’s networked perimeter security.

Compared to other fences on the market, IAA chose Gallagher, as they tested it as the best in market. Eric Zurawski, Director of Security, said ‘the quality of the fence is rigid, and wires are closer together and tighter, not loose and easily movable, that we’ve found with other products. All these attractive features are what sets Gallagher’s fencing apart”.

The business value: reduced theft and vandalism with car dealership security

With Gallagher’s latest software system Command Centre v7.10 and Trophy FT Fence Controllers, IAA monitor and control perimeter security by sending a regulated electrical pulse around the high voltage fence zones and sections of the perimeter fence. They have the ability to configure, control and monitor between 3-12 fence zones at one time giving a thorough overlay of the entire yard, zone by zone, region by region.

The integration features of Gallagher Command Centre has enabled IAA to streamline and improve all operations from the head office in Chicago. By remotely monitoring all sites they can see if fences go down and where from the one place. “The interface is far better than anything on the market. It’s a very powerful tool, particular great for monitoring. We are able to monitor sites who turn on their electric fences and the ones who don’t from a remote location. It’s really helped boost our security measures.”

“Gallagher’s system has grown in three ways with us. As we’ve expanded through adding more Greenfield, acquisitions and overflow and secondary lots. Gallagher security fences have been the perimeter of choice to keep our business safe. It’s the number one security solution on the market that truly ‘deters, detects and delays."

Gallagher perimeter fencing is IAAs primary line of defense. The business has been able to reduce costs by relying less on physical guards as previously needed. They have also integrated Gallagher’s Command Centre with third party alarm systems offering regional alarm companies advanced installation help and support.

“The quality of the fence is rigid, and wires are closer together and tighter, not loose and easily movable, as we’ve found with other products. All these attractive features are what sets Gallagher’s perimeter electric fencing apart."

IAA - Insurance Auto Auctions


Understanding the importance of car dealership security

Car dealerships are a prime target for criminals due to the high value of their inventory and financial transactions. Car, truck, and RV dealerships have a broad range of responsibilities when it comes to shielding themselves from liabilities. Protecting valuable assets like vehicles, customer data, and financial information is paramount for any dealership seeking to maintain its reputation and avoid costly losses.

Vehicles are valuable assets, and losing even a single car can have a considerable impact on your profitability. Additionally, theft can damage your reputation and undermine customer trust. Potential car buyers may hesitate to visit a dealership with a history of theft, fearing that their desired car may be a target.

In addition to the obvious losses, theft can result in higher insurance premiums. Insurance providers often consider the security measures you have in place when calculating your premiums. By adopting strong security measures for your car yard, you may be able to lower your insurance costs and commit more resources to other aspects of your business.

By implementing robust security measures, car dealerships can significantly reduce these risks and protect their business from harm. This not only protects the financial stability of the dealership but also instils trust and confidence in customers, ensuring long-term success in the competitive automotive industry. From reducing loss, avoiding high insurance premiums, and enhancing your reputation, ensuring the security of your car dealership is essential.

Common types of threats in car dealerships

Before diving into specific strategies to prevent car dealership theft, it's crucial to understand the common security challenges faced by car dealerships. By uncovering these patterns, you can tailor your security measures to prevent these threats.

  • Vehicle theft: Vehicle theft is the most obvious risk and involves criminals stealing cars directly from the dealership car lot. This can occur during business hours with thieves posing as potential buyers, or after hours when the dealership is closed.
  • Vandalism: This involves intentional damaging or defacing of vehicles on your lot. Vandalism can result in significant repair costs and can also deter potential customers.
  • Parts theft: Thieves may aim to steal specific, high-value parts from the vehicles. Items like rims, tires, radios, and even airbags can be targeted.
  • Burglary: The dealership buildings themselves can be targets, with thieves breaking in to steal equipment, cash, or sensitive information.
  • Fraud: This can occur in various forms – from customers providing false information to secure a sale, to cybercriminals attempting to defraud the dealership online.
  • Data Breach: With dealerships storing a great deal of sensitive customer data, they can be targets for cyberattacks aimed at stealing this information.

How to secure a car lot

Now that we've covered the importance of car dealership security and different types of theft, let's explore some practical physical security measures you can use to safeguard your dealership from potential theft.

  1. Invest in a next generation security solution
    Choosing a robust security solution is crucial for car dealerships. These solutions act as the first line of defense against potential threats, deterring criminals and identifying any breaches in real-time. These systems often integrate surveillance cameras, alarms, intrusion detection systems, and access control solutions.

    Additionally, a robust security solution gives customers peace of mind, showing your commitment to safety and protecting assets, staff, and sensitive customer data. This enhances your dealership's trustworthiness and reputation.

  2. Integrate a video management system
    A video surveillance system is an essential component of any car dealership security strategy. It acts as a deterrent to potential thieves and provides valuable evidence in the event of a theft.

  3. Implement access controls
    Electronic access control enables you to ensure only those with authorized access can enter sensitive areas or enter the car lot after hours. An access control solution will also enable you to lock or unlock doors using a smartphone, keep track of when people are entering and exiting your lot, and add, edit or remove an unlimited number of users.

    An app-based solution like Gallagher SMB is a great choice for businesses like car dealerships. With the ability to manage multiple sites from a single app, managers and owners can confidently oversee the security of their vehicle lots from anywhere, at any time.

    Furthermore, security fencing for car dealerships can detect and deter unauthorized access after-hours. As in the case study above, after installing Gallagher perimeter fencing IAA, not only reduced theft but also eliminated the need for security guards on site.

  4. Enhance lighting and visibility
    Well-lit areas not only deter potential thieves but also improve overall visibility, making it easier to detect suspicious activity.

  5. Implement a robust cybersecurity strategy
    This includes regularly updating software and firmware, utilizing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, and educating employees about cyber threats and best practices. When purchasing new technologies, choose suppliers with a security-first development philosophy.

Maintaining a secure car dealership

Protecting your car dealership from theft requires a multi-layered approach that combines physical security measures, surveillance systems, and access control. By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and create a safer environment for your staff and customers.

By following best practice security for car dealerships, IAA witnessed a significant reduction in theft incidents and decreased their dependence on on-site security personnel. This implementation stands as a testament to the effectiveness of robust access control measures in safeguarding car dealerships.

Contact Gallagher today to learn about our security system for car dealerships and how they can help you protect your car auction yard.

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