Command Centre v9: Richer features, greater enhancements

Command Centre v9

Command Centre is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform to manage total site security. At Gallagher, we prioritize your needs by understanding them thoroughly before implementing the necessary tools. With the release of v9, we reaffirm our commitment to providing a solution that empowers you to customize your security, your way.

Packed with new features and enhancements, Command Centre v9 allows users to manage their business with greater efficiency and flexibility. The latest release includes enhanced integrations with wireless access control solutions such as Aperio, SALTO, IDEMIA Biometric access control and KONE elevator systems. It also introduces an easy way to configure your system for the Controller 7000 plus improvements to the Bulk Configuration Tool.

Command Centre is Gallagher’s world-class site management software and was the first system to offer alarm, access, and perimeter security in one single product. Known for its extensive set of features, it remains one of the most advanced site management platforms available.

Discover all the exciting features and enhancements in this latest release below.

Unlock the Controller 7000 with Command Centre v9

Offering streamlined upgrades and industry-leading cyber protection, the launch of our newest product, the Controller 7000 (C7000) marks the launch of a platform designed to take you into the future and beyond. Building on the incredible groundwork introduced with the Controller 7000 Single Door released in February 2023, the C7000 is faster, more powerful, and offers limitless potential for continuous value.

The C7000 is available to purchase today and is supported for customers on Command Centre v9 or later.

We’ve also made it easy to upgrade your existing controller to the new Controller 7000 with the Controller 7000 Upgrader. This tool significantly reduces the time it takes for a technician to configure the C7000 by using the current existing Controller 6000 (C6000) as a reference.

C7000 Controller Support has been added to the Bulk Configuration Tool allowing operators to specify which type of controller they would like to use as their default – making it even easier to upgrade to the new Controller 7000.

Enhanced integrations with third-party wireless access solutions

Command Centre v9 brings enhanced integrations with wireless access solutions Aperio, SALTO and IDEMIA, and KONE elevator systems.

Mobile Credentials Supported with Aperio BLE Readers

We have enhanced the functionality of our Aperio integration to include Gallagher Mobile Credentials for BLE access.

The Aperio BLE enhancement enables Mobile Connect to be used at both wired Gallagher readers and compatible wireless Aperio readers, providing you with added convenience as only one credential is required across their site.

Also reduces risk and prevents liability issues by combining Command Centre's ability to monitor competencies with Aperio's wireless access functionality. Is also ideal for locations isolated from a network connection.

KONE Office Flow integration

Gallagher has integrated Command Centre with KONE’s latest lift system, Office Flow, also known as KONE Access 1000. This integration allows Command Centre operators to manage door and elevator access from a single platform.

With the Gallagher KONE Office Flow integration, Command Centre cardholders' records are regularly synchronized with their records in KONE Office Flow, ensuring that cardholders can be managed solely from Gallagher Command Centre. Their details and access rights are automatically updated in the KONE Office Flow system as per their details in Command Centre. This makes Gallagher Command Centre the "source of truth" for people's records.

OSDP support for IDEMIA Biometric Readers

Command Centre version 9 now supports Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for all IDEMIA biometric readers, including Sigma, Wave, and VisionPass readers. This integration enables easy deployment of combinations of IDEMIA biometric and Gallagher card readers, making it possible for small and large sites to take advantage of biometric reader technology. With biometric enrolment and template management conducted directly through Gallagher Command Centre, you can save on expenses and eliminate the need for multiple systems.

The integration enhances user experience with rich feedback on the text displays, while still supporting existing IDEMIA biometric setup, functionality, and behaviors with secure OSDP.

With this integration, best practice cybersecurity is enforced by default with OSDP secure channel enabled for all supported IDEMIA readers.

Supporting OSDP with IDEMIA biometric readers provides you with a wider range of secure biometric access options.

Mobile Credential Audit Trail Events for SALTO Offline Readers

With Command Centre v9, we have made significant improvements to our SALTO integration. Now, organizations that use Gallagher Mobile Credentials with offline SALTO BLE readers on remote sites can receive real-time SALTO events for offline SALTO devices directly in Command Centre via our Gallagher cloud service. Previously, SALTO offline doors couldn't transmit audit trail events for mobile credentials, and physical access cards were required to carry data to SALTO update points. The enhanced integration eliminates the need for badging at SALTO update points, and cardholder access and events are managed through the Gallagher cloud. This solution is perfect for locations that are isolated from a network connection.

Bulk Configuration Tool enhancements

Save even more time and effort when needing to bulk update a system or configure a new system similar to an existing one with the introduction of export functionality to our Bulk Configuration tool.

Export functionality allows operators to export all configuration items and fields that are currently supported. The exported .csv files can then be modified and re-imported to the existing system or used to import into a new system.

Command Centre continues to be one of the most feature-rich site management platforms available. Command Centre is the ultimate security solution, providing you with everything you need to manage your people, site, and buildings. With all your favorite tools designed to save you time and money, feel empowered to grow and manage your business without limits.

Contact us today to learn more about Command Centre and what it can do for you and site. 

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