Taking your access control further

Explore Gallagher's range of smart building access solutions

From intelligent integration with building management systems, to efficiencies gained through automation and smart use of resources, Gallagher’s smart building management solutions are designed to save you time and money.

Visitor management solution

The optionally integrated Gallagher Visitor Management and Self-Registration Kiosk can make reception tasks simple, offering smooth processing of visitors upon arrival while ensuring your health and safety obligations are met and your site remains secure.

Mobile credentials

Mobile badging, automated SMS messaging and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems are just some of the functionalities delivered by Gallagher’s award-winning mobile solution.

Elevator integration

Integrating access control with elevator systems is essential for providing building users with a seamless experience. Gallagher-controlled access permissions govern which floors users can access, while personalized preferences ensure each individual has a comfortable journey.

Multi access solution

Command Centre integrates with a wide range of third-party products, giving your organization the flexibility to tailor the system to your own unique circumstances and requirements.

Real time reporting

Reliable door, zone, and turnstile status reporting removes the need for manual inspections, while integration with video systems provides you with a visual and audible record of events, which can be relied upon as evidence if required.

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