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Keeping your business moving with integrated security solutions

Gallagher Security knows that staff safety, operational continuity, and uninterrupted movement are critical to ensuring day-to-day success for businesses operating in the transportation, manufacturing, and distribution sectors. From factory to final delivery, our solutions go beyond security to enhance your operational efficiency though integrations that keep your business moving without delay.

  • Streamlining business operations
  • Safety & compliance
  • Data & cybersecurity
  • Protecting people & assets
  • Uninterrupted movement

Reduce administrative burdens and streamline business operations with integrated security technology. Gallagher’s solutions ensure scalability, accommodating changing needs and expanding requirements in the transportation, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, providing a reliable solution now and in the future. Integrations with existing systems enhance interoperability and deliver real-time data reporting, creating a unified ecosystem for a comprehensive approach to security management and decision making.

High-level communication between Command Centre and building management systems using the BACnet data communication protocol provides high-cost and energy savings opportunities for building automation and control networks. BACnet and Command Centre software allow you to streamline site operations with complete visibility and control of services. It's the perfect solution to bring all relevant system information into one central management platform. 

Gallagher's mobile solutions - featuring the Mobile Connect app and Bluetooth T15 Readers - provide functionalities such as mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless connectivity with management systems. These mobile credentials enhance the user experience, simplifying access and reducing administrative complexities. Plus, the integration of HR, identity management, and payroll systems facilitates efficient people management to reduce the burden on your staff.

Gallagher’s powerful Command Centre software enables businesses to implement, enforce, and report on policies and processes, proving that compliances are met at every point.

Access management based on individual competencies enables the effective management of compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and government regulations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. HR and SMS data automatically check and enforce individual credentials at access points while reporting tools enable businesses to demonstrate compliances are met and maintained.

Businesses can also ensure compliance and manage competencies through monitoring inductions, licenses, training, and qualifications to only allow people access to areas they are sufficiently qualified to be in. Random cardholder selection can also be used to check competencies and licensing, as well as drug and alcohol testing.

As companies navigate the delicate balance between embracing new technologies and upholding robust cybersecurity, Gallagher's solutions provide a vital layer of protection against data breaches and cyberattacks. This is particularly critical in sectors like transportation, manufacturing, and distribution where Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories are driving automation and digitalization.

Gallagher's integrated security technology takes a proactive stance against cybersecurity threats, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data and privacy. By implementing stringent security measures and maintaining thorough audit trails, organizations can remain compliant with data protection regulations. This multifaceted approach empowers businesses in the transportation, manufacturing, and distribution sectors to not only defend against cyber threats, but also to maintain the trust and confidence of both customers and stakeholders.

Gallagher Security offers a range of intelligent access control and perimeter solutions to manage and protect a site’s assets, ensuring only authorized individuals can access a site and that the public - or people who may have nefarious intent - are kept safely away, avoiding significant costs associated with business interruption from security breaches, theft, and vandalism. 

Transportation, manufacturing, and distribution companies can safeguard people and goods on and off the road, maintaining their reputation as a reliable provider with the use of effective security solutions. All fatigue failures from your team members have significant costs that can be lessened or eliminated with Command Centre's fatigue and exposure management functionality, which allows workplaces to manage employee attendance and ensure they follow best practice requirements for their roles. 

In transportation and logistics, the ability to move around a site seamlessly is key to an efficient and productive business as interrupted movement can cost both time and money.

The collaboration between Nedap's long-range vehicle identification and Gallagher's Command Centre system streamlines remote control of vehicle and personnel movement, enhancing efficiency and safety. By seamlessly activating barriers and gates before a vehicle’s arrival, the integration eliminates interruptions, enabling smooth freight transportation. This synergy further mitigates risks by merging Command Centre's competency monitoring with Nedap's access capability, preventing unauthorized entry and maintaining thorough audit trails for reporting.

The Gallagher Nedap partnership can help businesses achieve cost savings by automating manual processes, such as manual access checks by guards at barriers, reducing the need for labor and improving cost effectiveness.

Transportation, manufacturing, & distribution features

Video management
Equips operators with a single system to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Biometric access control
Save time, increase security, and improve efficiency with secure, cardless access that ensures people are correctly identified

Vehicle access control
Control vehicle movement with Nedap Transit, UPASS, and ANPR automatic vehicle identification 

Key management
Keep physical keys safe and secure with a full record for reporting access

Resource management
Streamline building and resource management, reduce energy consumption, and identify critical faults early while saving time and money

Proactively manage staff fatigue and exposure and provide unbiased drug and alcohol testing with health and safety integrations

Incident management
Manage incidents with third-party integrations to help you identify, track, and resolve security events promptly

People and asset tracking
Enhance safety and security by ensuring your people and property are easily located and protected

“We have a duty to protect our staff when they’re at work and by having a robust perimeter solution that acts as the first line of defense for our site, we are confident we are providing a safe space for our team to do their job.”

Hernan Charris, General Manager for Cercar Energy

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