Mobile solutions

Security technology evolves rapidly. To stay ahead of the game and meet changing needs, security solutions must be adaptable, intuitive and importantly, they need to be mobile.

Gallagher puts the power in your hands.

Our powerful Command Centre site management solution harnesses the agility of mobile technology, extending security thinking beyond the control room.

Certainty is security

Our Mobile Connect App securely transforms your mobile device into an access card (using Bluetooth® wireless technology*), it also gives you control, allowing you to interact with your building systems, arm and disarm alarms, and much more.

Optional two-factor authentication with fingerprint or PIN lets you add an additional security step, and ensures that the person coming through the door is exactly who they say they are.

Access can be set up remotely (great for temporary visitors), and the simple two-step provisioning takes no time at all. Our unique subscription model offers the convenience of transferring credentials between users.

Partnering with Nok Nok Labs and the FIDO Alliance, our open-standards based solution delivers a globally recognized method of authentication.

 Gallagher Mobile Connect 








 *Requires Gallagher readers equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology, Gallagher Command Centre v7.60+, and a suitable mobile device.

 Security on the move

The Command Centre Mobile App securely connects your mobile device to Command Centre, allowing you to manage everyday security from anywhere on site.
Being mobile gives security personnel and business owners the flexibility to monitor their system from any location, maximizing productivity and providing greater presence and situational awareness.

Alarms can be securely monitored and acknowledged on the go. Door and zone status can be checked and overridden and guards can challenge cardholder identities any time, anywhere.

Mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems, are just some of the features delivered by this award-winning product.