Gallagher Care Plan

Tailored system and support optimization

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Keeping your software up to date is more important than ever. We’ve made it simple with Gallagher Care Plan.

Care Plan is our system and support package, empowering you across four key areas; product, training, advisory services, and development.

Across these four areas, you will:

✔ Stay cyber secure with the latest software releases  

✔ Enjoy peace of mind with an additional 5-year warranty  

✔ Upskill with training courses to unlock the full potential of your security  
✔ Experience tailored system support from our expert in-market teams  

✔ Trial and test new upgrades and configurations in a risk-free environment  

✔ Gain insights straight from Gallagher’s product development team  

How does Care Plan work?

Care Plan has four tiers, each unlocking further benefits. Across all tiers, we’ll work with you to provide support, optimize features and configuration, and share our latest technology, ensuring you’re maximizing your Gallagher solution. 

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