Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company

Integrated systems to maintain quality and product safety standards.

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The challenge

The Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company manufactures, markets, and sells specialized dairy ingredients and food products, 90% of which are exported around the world. Tatua operates 24/7 and has 370 employees, over 1300 inducted contractors, and numerous trucks and milk tankers accessing the site daily.

When upgrading their access control and perimeter security systems, Tatua looked to Gallagher for an integrated solution that could perform several functions and enhance their globally recognized food safety and quality program.

The Gallagher solution

Gallagher’s integration was a key factor when choosing a security solution. Morpho fingerprint readers provide primary access onto site and into buildings. With so many people on site, fingerprint readers eliminate the need for access cards, which could be a potential source of product contamination.

Milestone License Plate Recognition (LPR) is used at the three entrance gates to the tanker bay. This links to Gallagher Command Centre, so when a tanker arrives at a gate, access is granted to approved vehicles.

The milk testing system in the tanker bay has been integrated into Command Centre. If the inhibitory substance test on a load of milk is clear, the Gallagher system releases the locks on the milk inlet hoses. If the test is positive, the hoses remain locked to mitigate milk contamination.

Further integrations are used in the tanker bay to lockdown the area when tanker cleaning is in process, and in the manufacturing plants to manage forklift access into airlocked areas.

The business value

“Our security solution from Gallagher offers so much more than access control,” says Grant Webb, Tatua’s Project Engineer. “Integration is key to ensuring we add multiple levels of security in areas such as delivery and dispatch, milk collection and more. This ensures the site runs smoothly, minimizing health and safety risks to employees and contractors, and maintaining quality and product safety standards.”

"Command Centre is simple enough for anyone to use and it is being used by different departments to control access to their own areas. Each department has a view that is tailored to their requirements, so only they can see and edit their specific functions. It also allows those department employees to authorise access for contractors as required, as well as monitor and act upon alarms directly."

Grant Webb, Projects Engineer, Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company

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