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Gallagher Security aims to keep on top of the latest technologies, to keep ahead of the market and maintain a modern and comprehensive solution for our customers. A recent example of this is Gallagher’s SIP Integration, introduced with the recent release of Command Centre v8.80

Our Smart Building Integrations squad took the time to dive into understanding SIP technology, master it, and craft a flexible intercom solution that aims to bring intercoms to a wider range of customers. Read more about the flexibility of the Gallagher SIP Integration in this blog. 

What is a SIP Integration?

Any business that deals with a high volume of people coming and going needs to have an intercom system in place. This could be a correctional facility, university, or office building. An intercom system allows people to communicate with each other without having to be in the same room. This is especially important in businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic. A SIP is one of the most popular types of communication protocol allowing for video and audio calls and is used by many kinds of devices, such as intercoms.

Gallagher has developed a leading SIP Integration to integrate SIP enabled intercoms with Command Centre to increase customers’ buying options and give customers the flexibility to choose an intercom solution that is right for their business - both in terms of cost and functionality.

This integration allows people on sites where intercoms are placed at many doors, such as universities or correctional facilities, to call and talk with Command Centre Operators via intercoms placed around the site. For example, so people can request access through doors. A SIP integration allows the Operator to manage all calls via the Command Centre system, in the same place that the call to the intercom is answered from, rather than having a disparate intercom system. 

How does the Gallagher SIP Integration work?

After a site has installed their SIP intercom devices, they can configure a SIP device item, via Gallagher Command Centre, to connect to the physical intercom. Once the intercom is integrated with Command Centre, users can use the intercom to call an Operator in a control room. With the SIP integration, the audio and video data is processed through the Operator’s Windows machine, removing the need for master station and therefore reducing the number of variables an Operator has to interact with to manage intercom calls. 

When an intercom is used to place a call, the incoming call will display on the Intercom Viewer or Site Plan (if configured). Calls are queued based on arrival time. There may be several Operators who see the incoming call however, once one of the Operators answers the call and accepts it, the call will no longer appear in the queue of the other Operators. Once the call is active, the Operator can talk to the person to help them or let them through a door. 

The Gallagher SIP Integration supports intercom devices that are SIP enabled and allows an Operator to:

  • Answer an intercom call from Command Centre workstation.
  • Call a SIP intercom from Command Centre workstation.
  • Forward a call between Command Centre workstations and SIP intercom devices.
  • Place a call on hold.
  • Hang up a call.
  • View an intercom video.
  • Grant access.

Intercoms can also be viewed and managed from Command Centre Site Plans. This provides Operators with a more visual perspective of the intercoms around the site.

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What are the benefits of a SIP Integration?

Some intercom systems are not always suitable for small to medium sites, both in terms of cost and ease of deployment. Also, some large multi-tenanted sites have a need to deploy a large number of intercoms and these need to be cost-effective.

In place of having one intercom integration specific to each intercom brand, the Gallagher SIP Integration can be used with any brand and intercom hardware, as long as it uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Using the Gallagher SIP Integration, customers have the flexibility of a wider range of intercom devices, so they can find and use and intercom system that suits their needs and budget.

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