High security capabilities

Gallagher's high security solutions deliver fully integrated perimeter security, access control, and intruder alarms management from one centralized platform. Our high security solutions are in use at sensitive and critical sites worldwide, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to corrections and defense facilities.

With both hardware and software systems backed by professional services, Gallagher offers you an intelligent, powerful way to ensure business continuity, protect your assets and keep people safe.

Type A

Gallagher's Type A solution is engineered for New Zealand Government sites. Compliant with the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) standards for high security applications, our Type A solution provides a full end-to-end authenticated and encrypted security alarm system to defend the most critical of sites. Contact our team of high security experts to find out more.


Type 1A

Gallagher’s Type 1A solution is engineered to ensure Australian Government sites are protected and compliant to the Type 1A 2008 alarms standard. Approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), our Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors and defends system integrity. Contact our team of high security experts to find out more. 


Personal Identity Verification

The Gallagher Personal Identity Verification (PIV) solution, purpose built and approved for the United States, delivers exceptional security with the fastest form of authentication for the federal market.

Compliant with the latest Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201, its simple, effective and efficient end-to-end architecture enforces business policies, identity and credential management for all government employees and contractors.


ICD-705 US SCIF Standard

We strive to maintain the highest levels of security and standards compliance.  Our solution complies with the ICD-705 US SCIF Standard, a USA Intelligence Community Directive that provides physical and technical standards for all Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF). 


Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS)

Our solution is compliant to the UK CPNI CAPSS standard around cyber security for critical national infrastructure. CAPSS is designed to assist security managers in focusing on key areas when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks.


Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC)

SCEC is an inter-departmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. The evaluation conducted by SCEC includes comprehensive breach testing, whereby all manner of attacks are employed to test the strength of a solution. Gallagher has a range of  $name  that are available for deployment globally.


Gallagher Class 5

The Gallagher Class 5 solution mitigates the risk of vulnerable analogue connections (resistive end of line supervision) for alarm sensors. Developed to achieve AS/NZS 2201 Class 5 intruder alarm compliance, Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System technology also meets the high security specifications of sites with equivalent standards (e.g. EN50131 grade 4) or any locations with a need to ensure edge devices are protected to a high level.


How to recognize a cyber-responsible vendor in a business integrated world

In a world where cyber threats are evolving and everchanging, are we prepared for an attempted attack? What is the risk to our organizations, and are our security systems up to the task of protecting against unauthorized access to our data?

In this white paper, we look at the relationship between cyber and high security, define what cyber security is and why it is so important, detail how to recognize a responsible cyber vendor, and discuss why organizations of all sizes should consider government-approved security solutions as part of their cyber protection.

Read the white paper here.

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