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Curb-to-core protections to protect your corrections facility from the inside out

Correctional facilities are challenged to ensure people are at the heart of everything they do. When it comes to ensuring a safe and secure environment, we understand the importance of a multi-layered and world-leading security solution.

At the heart of your operations, your primary concern is ensuring the protection, safety and security of the public, your staff, and offenders while also increasing the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectives of your site operations.

To meet your unique security needs, a comprehensive and multi-layered approach is essential. Our Correctional solutions offer precisely that, effectively addressing both cyber and physical security risks. Regardless of the size, scale, or complexity of your site, our solutions ensure end-to-end protection, from the curb to the core.

  • Cardholder access
  • Emergency response
  • Reporting
  • Site management

When it comes to protecting your site, nothing is more important than ensuring the right people have the right access at the right time. Gallagher’s Visitor Management solutions help you keep your workplace secure so you’re confident that everyone onsite is cleared to be there.

Utilizing the anti-passback measures built into Command Centre means visitors can’t ‘pass in’ another visitor or try to bypass the system, as it recognizes and records that someone has tried to enter twice. By putting Command Centre’s anti-tailgating features in place, you can also mitigate the widespread security risk of a visitor tailgating another.


In the event of a site lockdown or serious security threat, every second counts. Secure your site quickly and simply with the push of a button to notify people when an incident is taking place and provide instructions to ensure they respond appropriately with Gallagher’s Broadcast Notifications feature.

In emergency or lockdown situations where employees could be in danger, preconfigured Broadcast Notifications and recipient lists allow security personnel to quickly send critical instructions to multiple recipients in one simple step. Broadcast Notifications can also be automatically triggered by alarms and events.

Secure, trusted real-time alerts and important information can be sent to defined groups, or all staff, via email, text message (SMS) or the Gallagher Mobile Connect App.

In a highly sensitive and risk-adverse industry such as Corrections, the need to have comprehensive reporting is a requirement that cannot be overlooked. Command Centre’s powerful reporting capabilities produce information quickly and easily to prove compliance with regulations and requirements, while providing a seamless trail of events if required.

Real-time audit trails provide prompt and reliable decision-making information, with the ability to automate and schedule reports to distribute information for those who need it. Command Centre uses industry-leading standards and levels of encryption, so you can be confident your data is protected.

Correctional facilities are only ever as secure as their perimeter. A perimeter solution needs to detect unauthorized entry or exit into defined areas and deter inmates from violating the fence. A system must be highly reliable, difficult to bypass and not generate false alarms, even in adverse conditions. With our multi-layered security solution, you can be confident your site is protected from curb to core.

Our extensive and cutting-edge range of biometric solutions and integrations provide unparalleled security, ensuring safe entry to sensitive areas with contactless multi-factor authentication. With people at the heart of your site, the ability to observe critical areas and respond appropriately is non-negotiable. Command Centre’s seamless integration with complementary third-party video systems provides you with a visual and audible record of events associated with an alarm.

Corrections features

Perimeter solutions
Keep your people, premises, and assets safe with powerful perimeter solutions

Video management
Easily monitor your building without the need to move between multiple systems

Automate and schedule reports to distribute information to those who need it 

Alarm management
Monitor and acknowledge alarm activations anywhere on your site with ease

Implement contactless access control for an advanced layer of extra security

Visitor management
Welcome visitors for the duration of their stay and easily remove access when they leave

Easily produce decision-making information to prove compliances with regulations and requirements

People management
Integrate HR, identity management, and payroll systems for people management

“Gallagher’s system changed the way I think about perimeter security. Gallagher is the specified standard for any correctional facility above minimum security.”

Kevin Orme, Director of Construction Services, Indiana Department of Corrections

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