Trusted to protect some of the world's most sensitive sites

Gallagher Security has a proven history and reputation in the delivery of high security solutions around the globe, meeting some of the world’s most stringent physical and cybersecurity government standards. We are widely recognised as one of the most trusted providers for high security solutions and have developed innovative perimeter, access control, and intruder alarm solutions used to protect some of the world's most significant assets and locations.

SCEC endorsed Type 1A Alarms System

IANZ certified compliant to AS/NZS2201.5 Class 5 standards

SCEC endorsed perimeter solutions

Authorised CVE Numbering Authority

We deliver you a system that is fully endorsed to protect your premises from Zone 1 to Zone 5

Gallagher Type 1A

Gallagher’s Type 1A solution is engineered to ensure Australian Government sites are protected and compliant to the Type 1A 2008 alarms standard. Approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), our Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors, and defends system integrity.

✔  SCEC certified to be fully compliant to Type 1A standards

✔  SCEC approved Central Supervisory System

✔  SCEC approved off-site monitoring solution

✔  SCEC approved IAP, DGP, UI and ELM

Gallagher Class 5

The Gallagher Class 5 solution mitigates the risk of vulnerable analogue connections (resistive end of line supervision) for alarm sensors. Developed to achieve AS/NZS 2201 Class 5 intruder alarm compliance, Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System technology also meets the high security specifications of sites with equivalent standards (e.g. EN50131 grade 4) or any locations with a need to ensure edge devices are protected to a high level.

A complete high-assurance solution. Are you PIV ready?

The Gallagher PIV solution delivers exceptional security with particular suitability to any environment that requires high-assurance authentication. Created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard was designed to prove the identity of federal government employees’ whilst also allowing for centrally managed user databases. The PIV card is a certificate-based access credential and provides extremely secure user authentication and is the next evolution in secure access credential management.

Designed for compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201-3, its simple, effective, and efficient end-to-end architecture enforces business policies, identity, and credential management for secure environments worldwide. 

Utilising PIV credentials in your security solution ensures you’re provided with one of the most secure credentials available. Unlike typical access control credentials that use a master key across the whole site, PIV cards have cryptographic keys to identify each individual card, meaning each one is unique.
Each Gallagher PIV product is listed on the GSA FIPS 201 Approved Product List (APL) as an approved product, ready for deployment.

If you want to learn why installing PIV authentication-capable hardware during your next upgrade is the right move to future proof your organisation, talk to our Australian high security team today.

Gallagher Perimeter Solutions

Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is an inter-departmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. The evaluation conducted by SCEC includes comprehensive breach testing, whereby all manner of attacks are employed to test the strength of a solution. Using Gallagher perimeter products as part of your responsive high security solution is a people-friendly and responsible way to manage site security, without comprising on safety.

Gallagher has a range of SCEC approved perimeter products:

✔  Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

✔  Monitored Pulsed Fence and Taught Wire System

Authorised CVE Numbering Authority

An Authorised CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) is an organisation designated by MITRE to assign unique identifiers to security vulnerabilities through the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system.

Gallagher achieved a significant milestone in 2020 by becoming the first New Zealand organisation authorised as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), showcasing our cybersecurity maturity and dedication to transparently communicating vulnerability information to customers.

No one sets a higher standard: What it takes to be a high security manufacturer

In a world where cyber threats, data breaches, and industrial espionage loom large as omnipresent dangers, high security manufacturers providing physical access control systems have become key players in a nation’s ability to protect itself and its citizens.

And although government bodies around the world set performance standards for the manufacturers they collaborate with to protect against such threats, there’s a whole lot more that goes into producing high security solutions than just ticking boxes for compliance.

Beyond adherence to standards, high security manufacturers must embody a culture where security is a continuous thread woven into every aspect of operations, and the ones who can achieve that while maintaining flexibility and responsiveness make the best security partners for governments around the world.

Discover what it takes to be a high security manufacturer, download the full whitepaper.

Award-winning security solutions

With both hardware and software systems backed by in-market high security representatives with years of experience and knowledge, Gallagher offers you an intelligent, powerful way to ensure business continuity, protect your assets, and keep people safe.

Gallagher Command Centre

Gallagher Command Centre is our powerful security software that delivers an enterprise-grade Physical Access Control System (ePACS), offering robust, high assurance, certificate-based credential authentication with curb-to-core capabilities. From cardholder management to critical incident response, Command Centre is an essential business tool to configure, manage, and report on all aspects of your security solution.

Learn more about Gallagher Command Centre

Security Health Check (SHC)

SHC is a free tool designed to help you identify and understand vulnerabilities that could exist within your Gallagher security system. Maintaining high security requires continual system review and improvement over time, and delays in the review cycle can result in sites being exposed to significant risk.

SHC is designed to make it quick and easy for you to carry out system checks at any time, as part of regular maintenance and to ensure there are no unintended consequences to Command Centre configuration changes over time.

Learn more about Security Health Check

Personal Identity Verification

The Gallagher Personal Identity Verification (PIV) solution delivers exceptional security with suitability to any environment that needs card based authentication to computer network resources.

Designed for compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201-2, its simple, effective and efficient end-to-end architecture enforces business policies, identity, and credential management for secure environments worldwide.

In addition to the solutions above designed to meet government standards, Gallagher has a deep understanding of high security globally allowing us to provide solutions that are trusted and tailored to your unique requirements.

Security is at the core of all our products from the very beginning of design, ensuring the most secure solution is available to all our customers.

Specialist installer network

We require our select security industry partners to maintain a certification system to ensure the correct deployment of our products. We work closely with them to ensure they deliver you the perfect solution. These partners allow you to choose the installer service that best aligns with your unique requirements and provides you contestability of installation and maintenance. Training in the Gallagher solution is mandatory and is an ongoing requirement of our security partners. As techniques, technology, and requirements evolve, so do the skills of our installers.

With a network of highly skilled and experienced Channel Partners, Gallagher is in a great position to connect and introduce the right people for your project. Talk to on one of our Gallagher High Security-Certified Channel Partners today.

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