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Simplified security for businesses

Our Partners

Simplified security for businesses

Product currently available in New Zealand and USA.

What is Gallagher SMB?

Gallagher SMB, or Security Made Better, is an app-based solution that simplifies security for businesses. The system reduces the time your customers spend managing security by streamlining the everyday tasks they complete so they can focus on the other important things in life.

Gallagher SMB is ideal for sites of varying size and scale, from community facilities to franchise businesses, or large chain organisations which need to manage access, alarms, and security incidents quickly and efficiently.

Intruder detection

Arm and disarm areas using a smartphone from anywhere, at any time.

User management

Add, edit or remove an unlimited number of users. Create temporary users, who's access will be automatically revoked.


Manage the security of multiple sites from one SMB app.

Access control

Lock or unlock doors using a smartphone, or a Gallagher SMB Key Tag. Limit a user's access based on the day of the week and time of the day.


Receive notifications when a security incident occurs, and decide what to do next.

Third-party monitoring

Opt for a third-party monitoring company to manage any security incidents that occur.

How it works

Gallagher SMB uses cloud-based architecture, requiring no server to be installed on-site. The system is designed to be plug and play - once powered on, the controller will automatically assign an IP address using DHCP, download a default configuration and update itself with the latest firmware, cyber security, and functionality.

If the controller loses its connection to the cloud, it will continue to operate locally, keeping the site secure. During this time, the customer will be able to arm and disarm their site at the reader, and gain access to doors.

❝ The solution is helping us grow in the SMB sector. It’s great for businesses who have a national footprint including multiple sites with 1 to 10 doors. It enables self-managed access control and intruder detection without the complexity of maintaining servers and hiring security staff. βž

β€” Mike McKim, Provincial Manager at Aotea Security

Why partner with Gallagher?

Gallagher is looking to build strong, enduring partnerships with experienced industry professionals who have the desire to grow their customer base and champion the Gallagher SMB solution.

In return, we offer our partners an attractive business model including a monthly recurring subscription based on services required by your customers.

We also offer on-going support to train your technicians and equip your salespeople.

Our system has been designed from the ground up, with security technicians in mind.

Solution benefits

Plug and play

Quick and easy installation saves you time and the customer money.

Dynamic feature updates

New features are automatically added to the customers app, providing additional value.

No onsite IT required

Cloud-based solution requires no onsite server, or involvement from customer IT.

Robust security

Customer data is protected by Gallagher, world-leaders in security.

Web-based configuration app

Remotely configure a site on any device and reduce site visits.

No upgrades required

Cloud controller is always running the latest version of software.

Point of difference

Expand your product offering with a new, innovative solution.

24/7 technical support

Gallagher experts are always on-hand to assist you in the field.

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