Gallagher makes security easier, faster, and more efficient with Command Centre v8.80 release

Tuesday, 04 October, 2022
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Command Centre v8.80, the latest version of Gallagher’s world-class security site management software, has hit the market today – enabling organizations to make security easier, faster, and more efficient.

The release of Command Centre v8.80 offers features and enhancements that allow greater flexibility and efficiencies, including the much-anticipated web-based security management system – Command Centre Web, site plan enhancements, SIP integration, and a new bulk configuration tool.

Command Centre Web will prove itself as an invaluable tool for managing sites anywhere with an internet connection. More information about this revolutionary evolution of Gallagher’s security site management software will be released in a separate press release soon.

Meredith Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Gallagher, says, “Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the past two years, Gallagher has remained committed to driving and supplying product innovation and development in line with customer demand. The latest features and enhancements within the v8.80 release provide organizations with added security, flexibility, and reassurance they’re protecting what matters most.”

Command Centre v8.80 enables customers to easily navigate and visualize complex site plans. The Site Plan enhancements simplifies site plans by reducing the number of items that need to be always visible, providing the ability to easily answer intercom calls from within a site plan, as well as the ability to rotate a site plan for better situational awareness.

This release also provides access to the new Bulk Configuration Tool, which saves significant time and data-entry when setting up new sites or loading large amounts of hardware to an existing site.

Furthermore, the introduction of the SIP integration offers a simple and secure integration with third-party applications, providing customers with the flexibility to choose an intercom system that is right for their business. This new feature allows an operator to talk to an intercom user via a Command Centre workstation machine without requiring additional intercom hardware, which is beneficial in terms of both cost and ease-of-deployment.

Command Centre v8.80 is the second Command Centre software update for 2022 to ensure customers benefit from the latest technologies. Customers that have Gallagher Software Maintenance and Care Plan have access to every Command Centre release, ensuring they can update their software at any time and take full advantage of new features.

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