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Gallagher Security OSPA finalist 2019

Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2018

The UK OSPAs announced Gallagher Security as a finalist in the Security Equipment Manufacturer of the year award, at a networking reception held at In…

This is Command Centre v8

Monday, 12 Nov, 2018

Announcing the release of Command Centre v8, the latest version of our world-class site management software.

Command Centre v8 is the result of years…

World’s first zero ground strike temporary host and PID fencing system

Wednesday, 7 Nov, 2018

Two of the biggest names in Physical Perimeter Security have come together for the first time to develop a world’s first in Temporary Protection. CLD …

Monitored pulse fence | Gallagher

Fear and misconception in perimeter: the case for energized fences

Wednesday, 10 Oct, 2018

Energized fencing can be a touchy subject (pun fully intended). In particular, commercial operations often fear potential harm and/or litigation from …

Detect and Protect | Gallagher Security

Detect and Protect

Monday, 30 Jul, 2018

As the first cordon of security, perimeter intrusion detection solutions offer quick and reliable detection of any unauthorized entry or exit from you…