University of Otago


The challenge

The University of Otago is ranked in the top 200 universities worldwide and is New Zealand’s primary medical tertiary institute, considered the top research university in the country. In 2006 an internal security review of campus facilities identified the need for increased levels of security and greater cost efficiencies. Key priorities included eliminating the security threat that comes with lost keys; enhancing the level of security for critical areas - including laboratories where medical research is conducted on animals and human cadavers; and introducing a secure, automated facilities management system. The chosen security solution also needed to be capable of producing comprehensive audit trails.


The Gallagher solution

Traditional lock and key systems in facilities across campus were replaced with Gallagher’s electronic access control solution, providing efficient management of access permissions, comprehensive alarm monitoring per door and per freezer, and a high level of traceability and reporting both for internal use and for the regulatory audits required of research facilities. Integration with Gallagher's Syllabus Plus license feature also enabled automation in the scheduling and booking of resources and equipment through Command Centre. 


The business value

By moving to an entirely electronic system, the University of Otago mitigated the risks associated with lost keys and unauthorised access. Since installation they have also experienced significant savings associated with not needing to re-key facilities or replace locks when traditional keys have been lost or not returned, maintenance the University estimates used to cost tens of thousands of dollars each year. Smart scheduling of rooms and resources has meant a reduction in the number of booking inaccuracies, saving time and ensuring facilities are managed efficiently.

Fast facts

Industry: Education

Business type: University

Number of employees: 6,000

Number of students: 22,000 (Otago Campus)

Site size: 22,000 hectares with 218,000m2 of buildings

Number of doors: 1,350 access controlled doors; 400 alarmed and monitored freezers


Gallagher technology used:

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