Z10 Tension Sensor

Z10 Tension Sensor

Mounted at the end of a wire, the Z10 measures the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire, to raise an alarm when it is deflected during an attack. It continuously measures and reports wire tension in real time, identifying when maintenance is required or when the fence has been damaged.

The Z10 Tension Sensor provides superior, intelligent fence wire disturbance detection by overcoming shortcomings in conventional taut wire technologies.

  • Easy system design and installation.
  • Retrofit and upgrade compatible.
  • Real time tension measurement.


Features and benefits

The Z10 seamlessly integrates with Command Centre and, when combined with other Gallagher detection and deterrent technologies, creates a highly effective, layered, multi-technology perimeter solution.

  • Continuous, real-time, wire tension measurement displayed in kg or lb.
  • Able to detect both fast and slow attacks.
  • Attack alarm based on single or multi sensors.
  • Differentiation between environmental changes and attacks.
  • Self aligning to optimize performance and to allow for variation in mounting angle.
  • 7kg to 60kg continuous operating tension range (15 to 130 lb).
  • Overload protection to 200kg (440lb).
  • High, and low, wire-tension maintenance alarms.
  • Fast installation using new pivoting mount technology as well as plugged and IDC connectors.
  • Options to retro-fit to existing Gallagher perimeter security systems.
  • Fence and wiring design utility for accurate fence design.
  • HBUS communication protocol, compatibility with high security.
  • AES 128bit encryption and latest Gallagher technologies.
  • Fully integrated with Gallagher Command Centre v7.10 and later.