T-Series Readers

Gallagher T Series Readers

Gallagher's T-Series Reader range provides contactless proximity card readers for access control management.

The T-Series range of smartcard and multi-technology readers, T10, T11, T12 and T20, are designed to withstand both the rigours of daily use and adverse environmental conditions.

  • Potted and tested to high environmental tolerances.
  • Durable and robust design. 
  • External mounting ensures extended life expectancy and good return on investment. 

Additional Information

Technical spec sheets

Features across the range

  • High speed RS485 protocol, HBUS, offers an access decision response time of 200 milliseconds.
  • Unparalleled reader security through IT grade authentication and encryption between the reader and controller with HBUS.
  • Heartbeat monitoring ensures reader status can be monitored in real time. An alarm is raised at the Command Centre workstation if the reader stops communicating with the field xontroller. 
  • Support for multiple card technologies including: Bluetooth® wireless technology, Mifare DESFire EV1, Plus and Classic, as well as 125 kHz proximity technology (T20, T12 and T11 multi technology readers only). Mifare DesFire EV1 format implements the strong AES 128 bit data encryption standard to ensure data security. 
  • Custom site keys are supported when used with Mifare Plus and Mifare DESFire EV1 cards.
  • Mifare Enhanced Security (MES) options are available to counter card-cloning attempts. 
  • Access card reading is protected by Cardax IV data format with only licensed individuals able to create cards for sites. Issue levels are also supported. 
  • Gallaghers facility code management delivers unique facility code issues worldwide.
  • Encoding of issue level and region code in addition to facility code and card number, providing unique card data across global card databases.
  • Eight bit error detection protocol, ensuring that the reader correctly identifies the card being presented.
  • Unrivalled reader durability and water/dust protection.
  • Environmentally friendly - RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption.
  • Backwards compatibility - the readers are compatible with Cardax IV enabled Gallagher Controller and GBUS URI hardware.
  • Extensive range of reader mounting and protection accessories.


Additional functionality

T10, T11 and T12

The Gallagher T10, T11 and T12 Readers are card only readers that are equipped with a new high speed RS-485 communications protocol - HBUS, offering unparalleled reader security through IT grade authentication and encryption between the reader and controller.

  • IP68 environmental protection and IK07 for impact protection.
  • Contemporary design - classic black and white, with both mullion or flushbox mounting variants.
  • Configurable illumination and sound; where visual or audible indications may cause distraction.
  • Lifetime warranty.

T20 Terminal

The T20 Terminal is designed to deliver outstanding performance as both a high traffic access control card + PIN terminal and system management gateway.

  • Contemporary and intuitive user interface, with a 3.5” colour LED screen and large backlit keys.
  • Clear display icons for key access control tasks.
  • Superior ingress and impact protection - IP66 environmental protection and IK08 for impact protection.
  • Card only and card + PIN access modes (including duress access support).
  • Dual cardholder authentication.
  • Terminal based access mode selection.
  • Door alarm zone arming/disarming.
  • Additional capabilities with Gallagher HBUS reader protocol:
    • enforce cardholder compliance with entry regulations through competency message display
    • fully up-gradeable software to keep your system up to date with latest technology developments
    • ability to perform automatic software updates in situ
    • multiple language support
    • integrated rear tamper.